October 26 Open Thread


• Ooh, the Dick Armey TeaPartyExpress is coming to LA. Yay, photos of right-wingers doing crazy things plastered over every newspaper. Now if the media would care to investigate their real numbers in proportion to people who want real health care reform, a strong economy with robust and serious regulation, well, that’d be nice.

• In the Prop 8 litigation in federal court, the marriage equality folks were able to get discovery of some Prop 8 campaign material. Much of it will be marked confidential, but we might get some interesting information from what’s made available.

Fisker Automotive, an LA area electric car manufacturer-to-be, plans on making their cars in America, perhaps at an old GM plant in Deleware.

• San Jose is in a tough financial state, like many other cities. The city is now looking for labor concessions.

2 thoughts on “October 26 Open Thread”

  1. We have gotten word through the Contra Costa Democratic Party that the Tea Party Express will be in Walnut Creek on Wed, Oct 28 at Civic Park, Civic and Broadway.  The party begins at 5:30 and we have been invited to attend.

  2. These clowns are protesting against government spending in public parks. The irony, it burns.

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