October 28 Open Thread


• eMeg doesn’t like debates. This is certainly interesting, as she said she’d like to do three wide-ranging debates in the fall just a few months ago.  December 21 is coming up soon, Ms. Whitman, but you still have time to fit those debates in.

• Looks like Meg Whitman won’t be on the Technology Execs for Boxer list this year, but some big names, including Google’s Eric Schmidt and Netflix founder Reed Hastings, are on the list.

• Even San Diegans favor medical marijuana dispensaries. Meanwhile, the outstanding question on marijuana prosecutions is will the feds drop the pending cases based upon medical marijuana?

• Joe Garofoli of the SF Chron has been contributing some great reporting on the Maine marriage measure, especially in relation to last year’s Prop 8. Today he’s focusing on the No on 1 team’s grassroots strategy.

• There’s going to be a “cash for appliances” program to improve appliance effeciency funded by the federal stimulus.

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  1. but better still would be using california’s energy star standards for all appliances nationally, esp. AC and refrigerators.

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