November 2 Open Thread


• Scott Gerber, the AG’s press frontman, has been put on administrative leave for secretly taping calls with reporters. Last week, CalBuzz called for him to be fired, and the Union-Trib compared this to the ACORN hidden camera incident. Now, as far as ACORN goes, it’s quite a different thing to record an on-the-record call between a press flack and a reporter than secretly taping somebody who has no idea that the conversation will ever be heard from again. UPDATE: Gerber has resigned today.

• For some reason, the media still seems intent on finding some sort of race in CA-10, where there really isn’t one. Today, Joe Garofoli talks turnout. The GOP will get a favorable turnout model as it is a boring special election. Nonetheless, Garamendi will win this one by double digits.

• Joel Fox takes a look at Asm. Anderson’s sketchy money transfers.  He hates Prop 34, which limits contributions, sort of. It isn’t hard to dislike, but the fact is that there isn’t a wall that money can’t find a way to flow around. Only a real clean money system with government funded campaigns will stem this tide.

• The lobbyist at the center of the media storm with the former Asm. Duvall story is not pleased about the whole situation. She claims that it was just Duvall making everything up. Hmm…Republicans lying…who’d of thunk?

• Looks like CoCo County Supervisors are getting ready to approve a casino on the Richmond waterfront. It is still many years away, as there is a lot of regulatory hoops to jump through, but think, soon you too will be able to sit in a smoky casino and have your quarters slowly extracted from your pocketbook to the tune of oxygen ventilators and wheel of fortune sounds.