As for the Boards, No LG=Dem LG

The Lt. Guv doesn’t really have a ton of power, but where it does, it is in the Board of Regents of the CSU and UC, and the State Lands Commission, etc.  And according to the SacBee, and precedent, those powers will stay with Garamendi’s Chief of Staff, Mona Pasquil.

Garamendi’s chief of staff, Mona Pasquil, would serve in an acting capacity as lieutenant governor until a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointee is confirmed, according to Garamendi spokeswoman Beth Willon.

Pasquil would serve an administrative function, carrying out the lieutenant governor’s functions at the State Lands Commission, University of California Board of Regents and other panels. But Willon said that if the governor vacates his office or leaves the state, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg would become the state’s acting governor based on the state’s line of succession.

In past instances when constitutional officers have vacated their positions, chief deputies have taken over until a replacement was appointed. Willon and Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said that while a chief deputy in this case would fulfill administrative duties, their offices believe the line of succession does not allow her to serve as acting governor.

So, even if Democrats choose to block any Arnold appointee, somebody who had the trust of John Garamendi will have the control of those votes on the boards.  Good news, there.