FDL Action Health Care Update: Wednesday (11/4/09)

Here are the FDL Action health care reform highlights for Wednesday, November 4.

1. Jon Walker writes that Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) “is actively working to kill the public option with help of Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and, of course, the trigger.” As any good Democrat would, of course. (snark)

2. Jane Hamsher posits that  Rahm Emanuel’s “‘act more like Republicans’ strategy just hasn’t worked out, and we’re getting whiffs of the disaster it spells for Democrats who follow it.” One example she cites, which I find particularly relevant (since I blog in Virginia), is “Creigh Deeds reinacts Little Bighorn in Virgina after saying he’ll ‘opt-out’ of public option and Democrats stay home.” Ha.

3. Jane Hamsher writes about her appearance on Rachel Maddow last night, “talking about Harry Reid’s announcement that a health care bill might not pass until next year, and the White House response that they still wanted it in 2009.”  For a number of reasons, Hamsher concludes that “time is more on our side than not now” and that, shortly, “the pressure will be on the White House to start twisting ConservaDem arms to get health care passed – while we keep whipping progressives to hold their firewall.” Sounds like a plan! 🙂

4. Jon Walker reports “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is signaling that health care reform might not be passed before the end of the year, and could slip into the next.” Hey, there’s no reason to rush, we’ve only been waiting a few decades for this, right? Heh.

5. Jon Walker writes, “Nancy Pelosi is set to soon pass an acceptable health care reform bill in the House, now we wait to see if how Harry Reid and Senate Democrats will ruin it.”  Suggestion: we can help reduce the chances of the Senate “ruining” health reform if we keep the pressure on for them to do the right thing. Thanks.