I’ll Be Baaacck: Deficit Edition

Know how we’ve kind of moved on from the myriad budget crises? Well, it’s not moved on, and it’s out for blood…

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger estimated Monday that California’s budget will fall out of balance by $5 billion to $7 billion this fiscal year, on top of a $7.4 billion gap already projected for 2010-11.

If true, state leaders would confront at least a $12.4 billion to $14.4 billion problem when Schwarzenegger releases his budget in January. California currently has an $84.6 billion general fund budget. (SacBee 11/10/09)

Seeing as nothing has changed on the Republican side on taxes, and bonds are not all that likely either, this will likely mean more cuts. So, who will it be this time? Total elimination of IHSS? Cutting money for firefighting services?

Round and round the legislators minds go, where they will stop nobody knows.  But certainly everybody will be trying to lay low as the axe comes calling.

It shouldn’t be this way.

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