Nov. 9 Open Thread: Hey…You Want to Write For Calitics? Edition

Hey, so as you may have noticed, Calitics is a bit slow these days. With David Dayen leaving us for FireDogLake, and others of us just being busy, we haven’t had as much content on Calitics as we’d like.  So, we’d like to invite others to join us. It’s not a lucrative gig, as Calitics is a labor of love, not so much profit.  If you are interested let Brian know at brian at calitics dot com.

Now, to the links:

• The LA Times poll that has been trickling data for the last few months reveals that apparently California progressives aren’t that “disappointed” with President Obama.

PG&E is putting on a measure on the ballot to make community choice aggregation, ie a public competitor to the power companies, more difficult by requiring votes of the people when it passes. They’ve dumped a big pot o’ money into the effort.

• John Benoit delayed his swearing-in… as Supervisor to allow the special election to be combined into the June primary.

• The federal government settled a lawsuit concerning citizenship applications in SoCal, and will now have to make decisions on those applications within 6 months.