November 11 Open Thread


From Chuck Devore, the guy running for United States Senate: “Unlike many veterans, I have been fortunate not to see combat.  I was “officially” shot at only once; during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 (well, there was that time in Lebanon, but that wasn’t official; and I was carjacked in 1988 by Panamanian paramilitaries).” That guy is a character.

• OC Attorney (and dentist!) Orly Taitz is at it again. Apparently, she is very upset about the fact that several people that she tried to get as witnesses in her case trying to prove President Obama was not born in the US filed affidavits saying that she tried to get them to lie in the court.  Hopefully the State Bar will take up the case of Ms. Taitz. This conduct is egregious; we can’t have lawyers suborning purjury.

Timm Herdt takes a look at the LG selection through the prism of offshore drilling. Garamendi was a strong opponent of drilling from that perch, but a replacement is unlikely to have such objections. This could make a big difference as the State Lands Commission might flip to supportive of drilling under a Schwarzenegger appointment.

• Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office ruled that the actions of their former colleague, Scott Gerber, were not illegal. Gerber has been embroiled in controversy after admitting to recording phone calls with reporters without their permission.

• Michela Alioto-Pier, San Francisco Supervisor and 1998 Secretary of State Dem. nominee, got a big endorsement: former Vice President Al Gore. She has very little name recognition, but neither do the two Assembly members  in the race, Dave Jones and Hector De La Torre. Also,as the only announced female candidate in a three-way race, she gets a demographic boost.  That might end up being a pretty interesting primary.

• A federal judge has cleared the way for a lawsuit against former Bush legal aide and UC Berkeley law professor John Yoo based upon his memos to authorize torture. Yoo’s lawyers say that it will open a flood of litigation against Bush administration officials. Perhaps that is because they took a flood of illegal actions.

7 thoughts on “November 11 Open Thread”

  1. … so we should have seen that endorsement coming.  Besides, it’s not like the Bill Clinton endorsement helped Gavin for Governor all that much.  So while it’s better to have an endorsement than not have one, let’s not blow its importance.

  2. Garamendi was the key to the beginning of the end for reopening offshore drilling and I believe that Der Gropenfuehrer’s chosen replacement will be based upon how fast the Tranquillon Ridge drill can be reanimated.  

    Dave Jones is the strongest of the three candidates for Sec of State – and I’ll personally campaign, phone bank and vote for him.

    Yoo MUST be held accountable for the evil he has wrought, and if it opens a floddgate to similar prosecutions – Bring. It. On. Hey, he’s pro-child testical crushing, what more do Yoo need to know. And his legal briefs were not just thin, but also failed to cite to contrary law.  At the very least, he ought to be haled befored the Bar and banned from ever practicing law in any capacity for anyone or entity until he dies.

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