CA-Gov: Losing Control

Rasmussen polls always skew a bit to the right. As long as you know to take that grain of salt, they retain some meaning. And so while you’d toss a few points towards Jerry Brown, this is still a discomforting poll:

With nearly a year until the general election, a new Rasmussen Reports poll puts GOP gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman and still-undeclared Democratic contender Jerry Brown locked in a tie with41 percent support a piece.

The results show Whitman gaining traction since a September Rasmussen survey, in which Brown outpolled Whitman 44 percent to 35 percent.(SacBee)

Putting aside any substantive issues that any of us may have wit Brown, the dithering in announcing his candidacy is hurting the Democratic hopes of recapturing the governor’s seat. Whitman and Poizner are now dictating the conversation of this election, and whether Brown wants to admit that he’s a candidate or not, he is the Democratic standard bearer. And right now, there is no Democrat articulating the values and ideas that the party stands for.

Whatever else you can say about Gavin Newsom, at least he bothered to notify the press that he was running for governor. With his exit from the race, the press simply defines the story on Republican terms.

Enough of this dithering from Brown already. If he wants to run for governor, great, fantastic, let’s do it. But Brown needs to realize that he just can’t skate through without bothering to announce that he’s running.

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  1. Agreed, 1000000%.

    And he can’t run some half-assed down home aw-shucks campaign, he’s got the money it has to be a REAL FUCKING CAMPAIGN, and not just rely on good wishes and unicorns to carry it along.

  2. Jerry Brown is California’s “W”.  He relishes undoing what his father put together.  Unfortunately, in this case, Californians pay the price.  We have just suffered through 8 years of George W. Bush.  To re-elect Jerry Brown to the Governor’s chair would inflict exceedingly greater pain on California because the system of checks and balances in California is broken beyond repair.  Folks who brand Jerry Brown a “liberal” because of a few platitudes he utters are not paying attention.  Let us remember, just as a start, that he managed to get the endorsement of Howard Jarvis the last time he ran for Governor.

  3. I liked your letter to the students.  It seemed like a measured response that takes them to task with some compassion.

    I remember being one.  I didn’t feel overwhelmed with my studies.  I found time for a lot of other things, and not always productive things.

    I volunteered for the Dean campaign back in 2003-04 in the San Gabriel Valley.  I can tell you from experience, politics was mostly a game to the college students.  The ones we worked with (and there were wonderful exceptions) were more interested in celebrity worship and getting to be the ones to drive the candidate around, than in doing the hard work of a campaign.  They were among the least dependable constituency of Dean supporters in the SGV.

    College students, like the rest of our society, need to get their collective head out of themselves and think beyond.  They, like the rest of our narcisstic society, are reaping what they sow.  

    I hope we can be a part of changing this through a lot of good truth-telling.

  4. I don’t see the point in voting for Brown– he’ll run the state pretty much like Whitman.  At least with Whitman, we can blame it all on the Republicans.

  5. I know you have positively ruled out your running for Gov in 2010…..BUT YOUR STATE NEEDS YOU….please reconsider.  

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