November 18 Open Thread

Rep. Xavier Beccera got into a bit of trouble with Speaker Pelosi about comments on giving up on the robust public option.

• Hey, the New York times took some interest in the California’s governors race to … notice that Hollywood supports the Democrat. A big revelation for its readers, I’m sure. Nary a look at the polcies of any of the candidates in the story, but J.J. Abrams gave some money to Jerry Brown, so headlines must ensue.

• Ron Dellums tenure as Oakland mayor has been tumultuous, to put it mildly. He’s now dealing with a scandal involving failing to report a trip to South Africa.

• Joe Mathews argues the biggest beneficiary of a contested Democratic primary would be Meg Whitman. This analysis doesn’t include Brown’s issues with generating enthusiasm among the Democratic base, something a contested primary could resolve.