November 19 Open Thread

• While many of us are frequently miffed at Rep. Cardoza, he does deserve some credit for the takedown of Rep. Foxx’s ridiculous claims that it was Republicans who passed the civil rights legislation of the 1960s. See the video.

The UC fee hikes went final. A sad day for the Master Plan. While it’s not necessarily the fault of the regents, the questions about how to pay for higher education in California seems increasingly likely to be answered as “the student pays.”

• Yay for Carly Fiorina! She got the endorsement of Sen. Jim Inhofe, you know the guy who runs around denying climate change.

• Good News/Bad News from LA County: Hate Crimes overall are down, but hate crimes against the LGBT community are up.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is a little peeved with the SF press. SF press dutifully reports it.

• John Garamendi got his committee assignement: Science & Technology and Transportation & Infrastructure.

Fun times with web video from CalBuzz.

5 thoughts on “November 19 Open Thread”

  1. Congresswoman Foxx could not have said that.  It must be a very clever mash up with some photoshop glue or something.  Saying that the civil rights bills passed with little help from the Democrats in the 60s.  Was she, perchance referring to the 1860s?  I suppose that is possible.

  2. As I am old enough to remember the passage of the civil rights act, and the number of Southern Democrats who were against it, I looked up the votes for the Civil Rights act of 1964.  According to Wikipedia it sounds like that lady from Mt. Airy had a valid point. In fact, one current member of the Senate voted against it.  Guess which one. Well, only Byrd of W.V. has been around long enough.  Hell he’s been around longer than sliced bread or band aids.

    By party

    The original House version:[9]

       * Democratic Party: 152-96   (61%-39%)

       * Republican Party: 138-34   (80%-20%)

    Cloture in the Senate:[10]

       * Democratic Party: 44-23   (66%-34%)

       * Republican Party: 27-6   (82%-18%)

    The Senate version:[9]

       * Democratic Party: 46-21   (69%-31%)

       * Republican Party: 27-6   (82%-18%)

    The Senate version, voted on by the House:[9]

       * Democratic Party: 153-91   (63%-37%)

       * Republican Party: 136-35   (80%-20%)

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