November 23 Open Thread

• One San Jacinto City Councilman was not indicted in the scandal that ensnared former Assembly candidate Jim Ayres. Steve DiMemmo gets a glowing portrait in the Riverside P-E for his troubles.

• The Chair of the Fresno County Republican central committee has resigned in the scandal now catching up with Asm. Joel Anderson.

• San Francisco Health Department officials don’t plan on shutting down HealthySF if/when a national  health care plan goes into effect.

• Medical marijuana is quite the topic these days. Even as national support grows, local ordinances around the state are trying to reel the dispensaries in. There’s been debate for 5 years over the LA ordinance, and the San Jose City Council is also trying to limit the number of clubs.

The MLK, Jr. hospital that will reopen after being closed to all but outpatient care earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “November 23 Open Thread”

  1. Michael Der Manouel Jr., a prominent local Republican who is chairman of the Lincoln Club of Fresno County, questioned why there even is an investigation.

    “The primary function of a political party is to launder money, and they all do it,” he said.

    “All the local committees, the state parties. They all launder money. That’s why they’re there.”

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