It’s About Time: LGBT Leaders in California

The SF Chronicle says that John Perez has locked up the Speakership and the transition will start shortly:

We’re hearing that Assemblyman John A. Perez, D-Los Angeles, has the votes to grab the speakership — if he does, he would become the Assembly’s first openly gay leader in California history. (SF Gate blog)

As a gay man myself, such a result would once again remind me why I love this state. Despite Prop 8 and all the ridiculousness surrounding it, I put up with the mess in this state because it offers such opportunity. California has been a leader in civil rights, and will continue to be a leader.  This would be just one more step along the road to full equality for the LGBT community.

That being said, Perez, or whomever is the next Speaker, will only continue to preside over the continuing downward spiral.  The system is set up to fail. The gridlock, the supermajority, the budget twisted in knots, these are the issues that face the incoming Speaker. Why anybody would want that job is still somewhat beyond me.

Congratulations on that. Perhaps there’s still time for a recount.

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