WWAD on Oil Drilling?

So what would Abel Maldonado do on oil drilling? During the budget process, Maldo voted against the Tranquillion Ridge project, despite voting for much of the rest of the package. However, Schwarzenegger, who also once opposed offshore drilling, moved to support it over the last year.

If Maldonado is confirmed, he would have a vote on the important state lands commission.  That would make his position on the issue quite important.

Jim Boren of the Fresno Bee asked Sen. Maldonado precisely that question, and got some political speak in response:

“As you know, I have voted No several times. So my record speaks for itself. I always look at things in a case by case basis. . . And I have not looked at the state lands analysis. I will soon. I’m going to request it.”

He’s definitely maybe going to look into the issue to review the analysis of the question. That Maldo…sure does love his ambiguity.