Falling Dominoes?

So, remember how John Garamendi was elected to Congress out of the LG’s office? Well, that election will change the course of many others. Interestingly, many of the dominos are falling in the Fresno area, far from the Congressional district. A rough guide from the Fresno Bee:

The first domino to fall was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s selection of state Sen. Abel Maldonado, R-Santa Maria, as his nominee to replace former lieutenant governor John Garamendi, who left the post when he was elected to Congress.

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Denham’s options grew last week when Assembly Member Tom Berryhill, R-Modesto, announced he was running for the state Senate seat of Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto, who is leaving after his first term. Some Valley Republicans want Denham to remain in the Legislature and think he would be a good match to replace Berryhill, the source close to Denham said. Denham would have to move however, because he lives just outside the district. (Fresno Bee

Now, much of this is to do with some hand-wringing in the Republican party over a primary fight for the LG race. But whether Denham runs or not, Sam Aanestad is still in the LG race, and has not indicated whether he would be willing to step aside for Arnold’s handpicked LG, Abel Maldonado. If there is a single conservative candidate in the Republican primary, Maldo is in even worse position. A split vote amongst conservatives could allow St. Abel to cruise through. If there’s only one conservative, Abel is in for more of a dogfight. Of course, Arnold would like to clear the field for Abel, but it isn’t like Arnold has much sway in the GOP these days.

You have to love (or not) the twisted game of musical chairs in Sacramento these days.

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  1. Aanestad hasn’t indicated? I’d put the odds against Aanestad stepping aside for Maldonado at about 1000-to-1.

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