CA-50 “People’s Champion” Tracy Emblem (D) can win, unseat Incumbent Brian Bilbray (R)

The district is ripe for the picking but Tracy Emblem is the fresh democratic face the district needs. Francine Busby has proven that she doesn't have the support of the entire district behind her and is out of touch with inland voters. Tracy is an attorney based out of Escondido and understands the needs of the entire district, coastal and inland, it's demographics and what is needed to win. Her winning message of strongly supporting working families and Labor Unions, creating new jobs, rebuilding our economy, supporting public education, fixing healthcare, protecting our environment, and supporting President Barack Obama’s economic recovery program will resonate with Progressive voters in the district.

Tracy will work to restore the American dream of home ownership by looking for and enacting solutions that will stabilize our housing market, and supporting legislation to protect the interests of homeowners and home buyers by requiring fair lending guidelines that prevent predatory lending practices.

She is a firm consumer advocate and will support consumer protection that helps keep American families safe through testing, oversight and product recalls when necessary, and will hold companies and CEOs accountable.

She will work to bring together coalitions to keep jobs in America and work to bring good-paying jobs to our local communities in North San Diego County, as well as eliminate subsidies for corporations that move American jobs overseas. She will work to balance the budget and pay down our national debt to restore our strong economy. Wasteful spending will be eliminated by accountability and regular evaluation of programs in terms of a cost-benefit approach. Tracy will also work in a bipartisan manner to restore tax fairness for all Americans.

Tracy supports energy independence and will work to shift our energy policies to transition toward renewable resources such as wind and solar energy instead of fossil fuels. By doing so she will create well-paying, family-sustaining, green jobs in North County that protect the public’s health and the environment. Tracy will also work to adopt conservation policies that cut emissions and provide businesses and homeowners opportunities to invest in green technologies. She supports educational initiatives to inform the public about ways to conserve resources and transition to green energy alternatives.

She is committed to creating a method of mass transportation to ease the burden and congestion of our overworked roads. She encourages the use of mass transit to reduce fuel consumption and save energy. She will also work to identify a fair funding source and plan to overhaul our aging mass transportation systems with an affordable transportation system, which would reduce the need for cars, and design a system linked to the work and business hubs in our communities. She will also seek to build more environmentally-friendly biking paths and cross?walks in our urban areas.

Tracy supports the Employee Free Choice Act, which protects employees' rights to unionize without pressure from employers or threats of job loss. She also strongly supports collective bargaining, a raise in the federal minimum wage, enforcement of OSHA safety standards, and the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires prevailing wage rates to be paid on all federally funded or assisted construction projects. In addition, Tracy supports project labor agreements which have been used for decades on large federally funded projects including the Hoover Dam. Project labor agreements provide jobs for those who live in the community where the project is being constructed.

She will work to reduce the number of homeless veterans on our streets, including many Veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts by supporting transition training programs and assistance to find them civilian jobs and housing. She will work to provide funding and partner with our labor unions to provide training for returning Veterans so we can help assimilate them into our communities with decent paying jobs. Tracy will also help to fund state of the art healthcare to meet the needs of Veterans returning with brain injuries or other traumatic wounds, as well as post traumatic stress as a result of deployments in combat zones.

Tracy strongly believes that women must have the right to make private choices with their doctors about their bodies without government interference; however, unplanned pregnancies can be prevented by improving economic opportunities for women. Equal pay, improved job training and job opportunities, as well as access to affordable healthcare and childcare are humane and reasonable steps that should be taken to reduce the number of abortions, and improve the lives of women and their families.

Check out her campaign website for more position statements on a variety of issues, like education, fire protection, foreign policy, health care, seniors, small businesses, and working families:

She has lived in the Escondido area since 1964. Tracy went to law school at night and earned her law degree while raising a family of seven children. She has been practicing law since 1989. Tracy Emblem is an experienced and award winning attorney who has researched and written over 300 writs and appeals. She has argued in the California Supreme Court and championed civil rights.

Tracy Emblem cares about our communities. She served on the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of Escondido and as the board president for the Escondido Community Child Care Development Center, a non profit organization that provides early education and child care for working families.

The Midterm Election for 2010 in California's 50th District is a targeted race and the incumbent has not provided effective leadership for our nation or our communities in North San Diego County. Tracy has already garnered the early financial support of more than 5 labor unions and has the endorsements and support of over 130 prominent Attorneys from San Diego County.

Tracy Emblem is a Champion for the People, an Outstanding Advocate and is the only candidate who can beat the incumbent.