December 29 Open Thread


*  Here’s the 60 Minutes report on California’s Water Situation.  As wes points out, this could have been a lot better researched.

* Greg Lucas takes a look at a recent PPIC poll to point out the importance of DTS voters in the 2010 elections.

*  It looks like casinos suffer in recessions too. Jackson Rancheria laid off some workers yesterday.

*  Hey, but there is one industry doing booming business: firearms. Sales are up big!

*  Dr. Larry Bedard looks at physician shortages across the state. It’s a big problem, and Medi-Cal cuts exacerbate it.

One thought on “December 29 Open Thread”

  1. That was the way I categorized it at California Greening.  I could just as well have watched Sean Hannity dish the same story.  It played like the script was written by the Westlands Water District… OBTW, the almond grower in this piece is the brother of the Westlands Water District Press Contact. hmmmm.

    If you look at the story, make sure you also read Dan Bacher’s Calitics post here.

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