January 5 Open Thread


*  RIP Bobby Salcedo. The El Monte School Board Member was murdered while visiting his wife’s family in the Mexican state of Durango. The family is asking for donations to the Bobby Salcedo foundation for scholarships to needy families in lieu of flowers. Here’s the details on that: Rio Hondo College Foundation, Attn: Bobby Salcedo Foundation, P.O. Box 4218, El Monte, California 91734

* The Race to the Top legislation is rapidly making its way through the Legislature. In the interim, the administration is asking districts to sign a memorandum of understanding binding them to meeting Race to the top standards.

*  Arnold, a rubber chicken, and some kumbaya. How couldn’t this make everything all better.

*  Facebook privacy guru Chris Kelly dropped $2 million into his AG Campaign.

*  Frank Schubert, the guy who masterminded the Prop 8 Campaign, is supporting his sister for superior court judge. Not all that interesting until you find out that his sister in a registered domestic partnership with her female partner.

One thought on “January 5 Open Thread”

  1. Since Ms.Schubert did not disown proposition 8 before she ran for judge, she is not even worth the support of anyone fair minded.

    I hope Log Cabin puts not recommended in their endorsement guide in the local gay newspapers.

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