January 6 Open Thread


*  Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker announced that she will not be seeking re-election. There will likely be something of a melee for the seat, with former Assemblymember Wilma Chan being the biggest name bandied about at the East Bay Citizen.

*  Rep. Radanovich’s endorsement of Sen. Jeff Denham to replace him isn’t going to change, or at least his friends tell the New York Times. Denham’s people are pointing out that if Richard Pombo wins the nomination, there will be a fight in the general election.

*  Rick Caruso, a rich Republican LA developer and possible LA mayoral candidate, has endorsed Jerry Brown for governor. It’s not a bad spot for Caruso, if he does run for mayor, he gets to say that he’s “bipartisan”. If he doesn’t, well, Jerry Brown wasn’t really all that bad to developers in Oakland.

*  The state has proposed a new lethal injection procedure as they aim to restore the death penalty after the four year plus moratorium.

* Asm. Noreen Evans has updated her budget blog with her thoughts about the State of the State.

2 thoughts on “January 6 Open Thread”

  1. I’m startled and more than a little dismayed to hear, from a very reliable source, that Lynn Woolsey is headed to Venice, CA this weekend to appear at a Jane Harman fundraiser. Is Lynn endorsing Harman? Surely not! I recall the 6th AD primary when, in the name of fairness, she supported all Dem candidates. Is that what’s happening here? Is Lynn waiting for a call from Marcy Winograd? And what do Lynn’s colleagues on the PDA Advisory Board have to say?

  2. Maybe Lynn realizes from working with her on a daily basis that Jane Harman is a lot more progressive than some want to give her credit for.

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