January 8 Open Thread


*  The newspapers of the Bay Area News Group asked for the tax records of the four major candidates for Governor.

*  CalBuzz hands out some awards to the media for recent coverage.

*  Bankruptcies in the Central Valley are at a record high. They are pretty high in the Bay Area too.

*  The California Teachers’ Association is advising locals not to sign any memorandum of understanding regarding the race to the top legislation.

3 thoughts on “January 8 Open Thread”

  1. Whether any such approach works, the founders would have expected us to do something about this unconstitutional filibuster. In Federalist No. 75, Hamilton denounced the use of supermajority rule in these prophetic words: “The history of every political establishment in which this principle has prevailed is a history of impotence, perplexity and disorder.” That is a suitable epitaph for what has happened to the Senate.

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