1/3 of the way to bumming out Karl Rove, and how you can help

It’s pretty simple. Karl Rove is a treasonous jerk, and he’s putting out a memoir pretty soon. So you are going to be seeing good ol’ Turdblossom all over every talk show spreading his lies. Here’s what we’re doing.

Remember this:

Pretty cool, right?

Well we’re doing the same thing, with this:

Help wipe that smug smile off his face, but not by a competing book, it’s a rocking compilation LP and digital download album OF THE SAME NAME coming out BEFORE his book.

We need about $3000 to do this right, we’re 1/3 of the way there at the time of this writing, and YOU can help.

Help support us producing this compilation of songs and have it released the same day as Karl Rove’s memoir of the same name, “Courage and Consequence”.

(not actual cover!)

The original idea was a “one off band” that wrote a bunch of songs about how lame/bad for America, and the world, Karl Rove is, release it at the same time and Googlebomb the whole internet to sow as much chaos into his book release as possible. Success would be measured by the amount of disorder brought to him, and by nothing else. Even if it never went further than our group of friends it would be worth it.

However, the response was overwhelming, and soon enough enough fantastic bands were interested that it only made sense to do as a compilation. It made sense to create something positive from this. The idea is to release free downloads of the record via the website, with participants, friends, fans, and the internet linking to it and raising its google search results, and a beautiful QUALITY vinyl record for audiophiles and those with the desire for a physical product. Additionally the artwork, for both, should be very similar to the book. (Ala: Sarah Palin’s Going Rouge vs. Going Rogue)

It is a little known fact that most conservative books go to the top of the best seller list and quickly fall off because they are purchased en masse by right wing think tanks and churches and then given away for free.

We believe that by getting this project ready by the time Karl Rove’s disgusting memoir is released we will be able to garner considerable attention (and maybe even confuse conservative book buyers) and, while it will be artistically viable on its own, will be a wonderful example of culture jamming.

Many more established and older artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young have called out wondering where the political voices are in music today. They are here but because of the nature of the current music industry we need some help to do anything that gets over the signal to noise ratio.

We stand against Karl Rove, his tactics and what he has wrought, and reject, in its entirety, the idea that turdblossom should get to do his victory lap unanswered.

So we’ve started the process in place to pay for this darned thing.

We’re really hoping we don’t have to pay for the whole thing out of pocket.

If you can repost the link to your social networking groups/mailing lists/internet forums, etc.

that would be wonderful.

If you can

contribute/buy an advance copy, even better!

Any additional money not going to the production of the physical compilation will be going directly to the bands and artists involved in this project, split in an even manner, to recoup recording costs. We do not plan on taking one cent of money as profit.

Costs for pressing of this record and digital distribution are just shy of $3000, there is mastering, laquer pressing, processing costs, labels, shrinkwrap, inserts and jackets… and that’s just the physical production, not including the actual recording costs which are mostly handled by the bands.

We’re 1/3 of the way there, exactly… with $1000 pledged.

My qualifications for this:

I was the international head of Bands Against Bush, whose only crime was registering young voters, yet it still got me on a “watch list”. I also used to be a front page writer on a blog about California politics that started with a “C”. 🙂

I have played in rock bands for over 10 years, completed 5 US tours, and countless smaller ones, and independently released and distributed 5 full length albums, multiple eps and online singles.

We people of the netroots are used to CONSTANTLY being asked to contribute to causes and political candidates. Some who prove worthy, some who do not. I am asking you now to contribute to a cause and also to a good old fashioned culture jam, AS WELL as to create something that should be pretty great creatively as well. Good music and good old fashioned protest.

At the level of a $20 contribution you get a physical copy of the LP AND high quality digital downloads. You get a lot more the more you can donate.

Plenty of other rewards besides that as well.

(the minimum is $1 BTW, and I’m guessing even the poorest readers have that)


Do you know the bands on here?

Well, it’s possible, my guess is probably not though, but they are all quality acts.

The Heavenly States


Victory and Associates


Cold Lake

United Sons of Toil

Death Dream

Have Special Power

Assistant Cobra

We’re Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next

Poster Children

Bottomless Pit/Tim Midgett (from silkworm) (perhaps!)

And more!

Many people have been super supportive about this and have glowed about what a fantastic idea this is. Well, we can only do this with a little help from our friends.

This is a way that you can help us realize this if you are so interested.

Consider this a massive excercise in free speech and an earnest attempt to ruin a man’s day that has directly wrecked so many lives.


The fact that we’ve put together a quality product is almost inconsequential (but it will be a quality product)

Because I can guarantee that just based on our friends/personal networks and hopefully with a little help from the Netroots, we are going to bum Karl Rove out on his special day.

Go here to help out