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CRP Convention Wrapup: Karl Rove to GOP: To Win, Pretend To Be Something Else

2013 Spring ConventionbannerStrategist tells GOP crowd their “messaging” is wrong, not their principles

by Brian Leubitz

The California Republican Party is having its semi-annual big event this weekend. It isn’t exactly notable for the impact it will have on the state, more for the attempts at introspection. The party formally inaugurates their new leader, likely long-time Ranch Cucamonga politician Jim Brulte, today. Brulte called the job “more like a bankruptcy workout”  and seeing the big numbers on their debt ledger, it is hard to argue.

But the national civil war between the grassroots of the party and some of its establishment, like Karl Rove, is in full swing here. The party is looking at a more diverse and moderate electorate than they can really appeal to. The Todd Akin controversy came roaring back onto the scene when Celeste Greig, the head of the Reagan-dubbed “conscience of the Republican Party”, the California Republican Assembly, stepped in a pile of dung.  Her comments, entirely refutable if you actually read the science are really quite hard to discern from Akin’s comments that she was intending to put down as poor form.

“That was an insensitive remark,” Greig said. “I’m sure he regretted it. He should have come back and apologized.”

She then went on, however, to agree with Akin’s premise that such pregnancies are uncommon.

“Granted, the percentage of pregnancies due to rape is small because it’s an act of violence, because the body is traumatized,” she added. “I don’t know what percentage of pregnancies are due to the violence of rape. Because of the trauma the body goes through, I don’t know what percentage of pregnancy results from the act.”(HuffPo)

Who knows what Greig was going for here, but facts don’t seem to be the intended destination. She clearly doesn’t understand how the body works, and is probably best to stay away from the topic. You would have thought somebody, having observed the Akin mess, would know not to go there. But apparently not, and Greig tread on, not exactly following Rove’s instructions that came later to change the messaging.

For his part, Rove went delicately into the fray, careful to indicate that the party “shouldn’t lose its principles.” However, they should try to repackage them into a tidy package that makes Californians, and Americans more generally, forget about the Bush years (his doing) and the terrible rancor emerging from the House these days. Given that this is California, and Latinos are soon to become (if not already) the largest demographic group in the state, that is a lot of repackaging. But Rove says maybe it is time for a little flexibility, rather than demanding ideological purity.

“We’re going to have to have a little forbearance in listening to the ideas and suggestions of other people in our party about how we modernize ourselves and get ready for the next contests in the future,” Rove said, “because we don’t own all the answers right now. I don’t want to snuff out the next Jack Kemp by saying well, don’t worry, he’s not a principled person.” …

“Losing has one great benefit to it,” Rove said. “It gives you the chance to start fresh to look everything anew and start rebuilding from the ground up in innovative and thoughtful ways that will expand our reach and expand our members.”(Steven Harmon/BANG)

That may be true, but color me unconvinced that the CRP is really looking at ditching their litmus tests. While Tom Del Beccarro calls Prop 8 a “difficult issue” for the CRP, his party is also missing the pulse wildly on gun control and immigration and a host of other issues. The state rejected the anti-tax and anti-labor rhetoric last fall, and the CRP continues to try to go back to the same well.

While the supermajority rules should be completely eliminated, they could make a revitalized Republican Party matter in California again. But they need to change more than their messaging if they want to be really viable in this state.

CA GOP Looking Back to the Future: Rove Edition

PhotobucketRove to headline CRP convention

by Brian Leubitz

The California Republican Party (CRP) may love the old Michael J. Fox movies, but, if they are interested in returning to electoral viability, this doesn’t seem quite the ticket. It seems they loved the Bush years, and his “Ohio outburst” so much, that Karl Rove will be they keynote for the CRP convention in March.

The California Republican Party is turning to GOP strategist Karl Rove, the “architect” of former President George W. Bush’s political campaigns, as it works to rebuild its own brand in the Golden State.

The party has tapped Rove as the keynote speaker for its spring convention in Sacramento, which will take place the first weekend in March. He’ll address members at a Saturday night banquet at the Hyatt Regency.(SacBee)

Perhaps Rove and his “unskewed” numbers are a way that the CRP thinks it can move forward. However, his politics of divisiveness have never worked here in California.  While he has been something of a moderate on immigration issues, the underlying tactics of divide and conquer do not suit California’s voter patterns or demographics.

Jim Brulte, who recently announced that he is running for CRP Chair, has a lot of work in front of him if he is successful. Forgetting about the rather large debt that the CRP is already laboring under, fundraising for a party with no hands on governmental levers is a monumental task. However, a party that is completely beholden to a fringe that has been thoroughly rejected on a statewide level cannot succeed.  I have respect for Brulte as a politician, but this may even be a big ask for a magician.

And looking to Rove, and an era that never really took hold in California, doesn’t seem a good path forward.

Karl Rove Goes Statewide

RoveYesterday, Ami Bera wrote about Karl Rove protecting Dan Lungren.  Today he went statewide. A shadowy Virginia-based group funded by the oil industry, tobacco companies, and health insurance industry — and run by Karl Rove — is trying to sway the outcome of the race for California Attorney General.  This is an unprecedented move in a down-ballot race, and the money is being used to create cynical commercials for political gain.

Rove’s group, the “The Republican State Leadership Committee,” has purchased $1.1 million of TV airtime to run vicious ads attacking our campaign. And who exactly is funding this group’s attacks? The very polluters, cigarette manufacturers, and insurance industry giants who I will stand up to as Attorney General.  

Of course we are going to stand up to this outside money.  You can contribute online to help us fight back.

To be clear, these are many of the usual Republican suspects. Organizations that fight against environmental and consumer protections are lining up to come to the aid of Steve Cooley, because they know that Cooley will fall into line with their agenda. (There is more in the extended diary.)

The oil industry, tobacco companies, insurance giants and pharmaceutical companies think that the Attorney General race can be bought. They know, as you know, that I will fight for all Californians, combating mortgage fraud, promoting a green economy, and working for a fair health care system.   This is only a partial list of some of the donors to this shadowy effort funding the attack ads.

Major Special Interest Contributions to the Republican State Leadership Committee

U.S. Chamber of Commerce — $1.15M

American Justice Partnership — $925,000

Blue Cross/Blue Shield — $918,068

Reynolds American – $690,161

Altria Group — $483,545

Devon Energy — $350,000

Citigroup Inc — $200,399

Wal-Mart Stores — $195,276

PhRMA — $150,861

We are committed to fighting these attacks, but we need your help to do it.

There are just eleven days remaining until Election Day, and the special interests are trying to sway the outcome of this race. We can’t let them win.

Karl Rove and Dan Lungren

Today the Sacramento Bee reported on Dan Lungren’s latest conflict of interest. While Karl Rove’s shadowy front group tries to bail out Lungren in a tough election, the Congressman advocates for unlimited corporate campaign spending. Even worse, if Lungren does win reelection and becomes Chairman of the House Administration Committee, he would have jurisdiction over campaign finance regulation — Lungren would be responsible for regulating the same shadowy corporations that are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to save him.  

This news comes just one week after Karl Rove and Big Oil billionaires invaded our living rooms, laundering over $690,000 through Rove’s shadowy slush fund, American Crossroads, hoping to hijack our election through false and misleading advertisements.

It’s not surprising that Big Oil is protecting Lungren – he’s taken $84,950 from oil and gas companies, then does their bidding in Congress – voting to give Big Oil $2.6 billion in tax breaks.

It’s also not surprising that Karl Rove is working for Dan Lungren, since Lungren’s opposition to transparency paved the way for American Crossroads.  Lungren voted against the DISCLOSE Act to require transparency in corporate campaign spending, and applauded the Citizens United Supreme Court decision on the floor of the House. These actions set the stage for American Crossroads to launder billions from the mega corporations who are corrupting our government. Even more egregious, Lungren accepted $15,000 from Citizens United, and is even starring in an incendiary Citizens United film alongside Ann Coulter.

It’s not surprising that Karl Rove and Big Oil want to keep Dan Lungren in Congress. But we have a surprise for them, because Rove and Lungren have forgotten the most important part of our democracy: you – and thousands of voters just like you. We don’t support shadowy corporations polluting our democracy, and we won’t stand by while Karl Rove tries to hijack our election.

You are the strongest weapon we have against American Crossroads, and we need you now. Please, support us in any way you can, and together, we will fight back against Karl Rove and his corporate billionaires, and we will bring the kind of change our country needs.

Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence – the Record! Help bum out Rove. Release 3/3/2010

Hi everybody!

Last time I checked in, was right after the East Bay Express article about Project: Courage and Consequence. Our grassroots funded LP/Digital Download record with the same title as Karl Rove‘s book, set to come out the week before.

Well, we did it.

Over $3,000 raised, and the records are on their way. If you want to check it out you can download it right now in any format you’d like.

The attention from Calitics was well timed and much appreciated.

however, we still need your help!

For one thing, if you live in the bay area, you can attend the record release show at the Elbo Room on wednesday:

Also, we are now to the FUN PART, where we get to mess with Karl Rove big time.

More under the cut:

Dear Internet User and Karl Rove Hater,

By now we figure you’ve either bought the album, are not going to ever buy

the album or are waiting for payday to buy the album so this isn’t a push

for record sales or downloads. It’s also not a push for you to attend the

vinyl release show at the Elbo Room on March 3rd – we know you’ll be there

if you can make it. No, this is a letter asking for help in the real mission

of this project. We hope that you can take a small amount of time out of

your day to seed the name and website of this compilation on as many places

as possible around the internet.

You see, the real mission of this project is to fill up search results for

Karl Rove’s book Courage and Consequence with our vinyl compilation of songs

of the same name. Maybe even confuse a few right-wingers to buy it out of

curiosity or their lack of reading comprehension. Since the mp3s are free to

, we are offering something as well.

I guess in some way you could say that every band, project, art show, etc

needs promotion like this in this internet age and you’d be right – but this

time our fish is big and evil and his book is an insult and he needs to be

fried. It may not seem like much but we sincerely hope it works. It also depends on you and people like you.

Here are some very easy things you can do. If you want to. If you’re still

reading this. Oh please, please keep reading this. I worked so hard on it.

Do you frequent a forum? Please use the appropriate area in your forum to

post information about the compilation (an example is provided below) and

links. Do you have a Reddit, Digg, Tumblr, Stumblr, Total Fark, Something

Awful, Last.fm, Google Buzz, Notcot, Wonkette, TPM, Freep (you sick puppy), or

De.li.cious account? It would help quite a bit if you could post and/or rate

our website link in these different areas. (links for some provided below).

There’s no reason you can’t sign up for these accounts just to rate these

links, either. It takes very little time and you do not generally have to

put in any personal info. Ask your fellow web 2.0 buddies to up rate, thumbs

up and like as well. They like you, they’ll do it. If there are other sites

you frequent around the web that allow open posts to promote a project or

share interesting stories – please feel free to do so. Don’t ask for permission, just do it!

Do you like the YouTubes? Below is a list of links to fake videos of each

of the compilations songs
. Please log in and rate these videos Awesome! and

even favorite them if you like. Google runs youtube now and they weight

their video results by views and by rating so please! it only takes a moment

to do this, and when this inevitably hits the radar of the right wingers, we all know the comments will be a battleground anyway.

If you’re some sort of weirdo and do not like the songs, rate

them Awesome! anyway. Don’t worry, the internet police won’t know.

Hey, I bet you have a blog. Do us a favor and make an open post containing

some or all of the information below. I’m sure your readers will be thrilled

at the content you are providing them.

Facebook. Yeah, yeah, we’ve already done a lot on facebook – it helped us

receive at least 50% of the funding (and music and ideas) for this project.

Frankly, we are a little worried about FB fatigue and are therefore

reluctant to keep posting on OUR pages about it. But you! You hardly ever

post anything – why not do us a solid and make a post linking to the main

web page. In fact, if you’re an infrequent Facebook user, it would help a

lot. If you’re worried about conservative family members or friends getting

offended well…that’s just a bonus.

Are you an e-mail forwarder? I’m sorry. I really am. BUT, in this instance

it might help us. Forward away. Hell, forward this email as is and maybe

more people will join in the fight to push Karl Rove’s book Courage and

Consequence to the 2nd page of Google results. A person can dream, can’t


Final request. Let us know what you’ve done! Send me an email or message

with a link to your post or forward so that I may add your efforts to the

list and keep them going. Especially let us know for sites that allow

ratings and I’ll add those links to this email and the website.

Thank you and screw Karl Rove’s book.


http://www.karlrovebook.net – Official site

http://karlrove.bandcamp.com/ – Bandcamp page / sales

http://cdbaby.com/cd/krove – cdbaby

http://seismicwave.net/project… – root of official site

http://twitter.com/bookkarlrove – Project Twitter

http://www.electrical.com/phpB… – Electrical Audio Forum Discussion

http://courageandconsequence.b… – Courage and Consequence Blog

http://www.kickstarter.com/pro… – Fundraiser site (successful)

http://www.last.fm/music/Death… Last Fm

Bandcamp links:














Songs on last.fm:















http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… pitch video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Mike Malloy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Heavenly States – A Man For Our Times

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Rival Dickens – Forget the Naughts

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… HaveSpecialPower – A Rove By Any Other Name

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Lambs of Abortion – New American Century

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… We’re Gonna Fight The Eskimos Next – Don’t Praise the Machine

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Cartographer – The Biggest Asshole In The World

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Death Dream – Karl Rove Let’s Get Dirty

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Generalissimo – Swarm

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Cold Lake – Courage and Consequence

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Hurry Up Shotgun – Car Bomb

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… The United Sons of Toil – Invention VS Innovation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… Victory and Associates – Lies, and the Lying Liars That Sell Them



http://www.theheavenlystates.com The Heavenly States

http://www.rivaldickens.com/ Rival Dickens, Rick from http://posterchildren.com/ Poster Children

http://www.myspace.com/thelagsf Have Special Power

http://www.lambsofabortion.com/ Lambs of Abortion

http://www.myspace.com/weregon… We’re Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next

http://www.feedbackloop.net/ca…  Cartographer

http://www.myspace.com/deathdr… Death Dream

http://www.generalissimo.mu/ Generalissimo

http://www.myspace.com/coldcol… Cold Lake

http://hurryupshotgun.com/ Hurry Up Shotgun

http://www.unitedsonsoftoil.com/ United Sons of Toil

http://www.victoryandassociate… Victory and Associates

Karl Rove-3 days to go and an article in the East Bay Express

(neutron is a long-time friend of this blog, and a talented musician to boot. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

Wow! It’s been a crazy month, but with 3 days to go, we are 47 pre-orders away from funding Project: Courage and Consequence COMPLETELY on grassroots funding. The fun part is coming…

Karl Rove is coming out with a memoir called “Courage and Consequence”. We are putting out a compilation LP by the same name that is coming out before his book. Songs about, pertaining to, or answers to Karl Rove specifically. We are going to culture jam his memoir and wreck his special day by dominating google results, amazon sales, etc.

We also are making a hell of a compilation.

This is a completely grassroots effort funded by donations and pre-orders.

If you would like to help, please go to http://www.karlrovebook.net

$948 or 42 pre-orders of $20 each to go! There is still time.

Great article in this weeks East Bay Express (I’m even on the top right of the cover) about the Project.

All of that below the fold.

Thanks to the East Bay Express’s Rachel Swan for the excellent feature article in this weeks paper.

I big feature article in the East Bay Express about this record just came out.

Warning: plenty of explicit language within.


Bands of Courage and Consequence

by Rachel Swan

Indie rocker Conan Neutron has colorful ways of describing George W. Bush’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove. He offered a few examples over beers at the Uptown Nightclub: “Master of lies and manipulation.” “A man with blood on his hands.” “Shameless tactician.” “Lying salesman.” “Gandalf behind the scenes.” “Unconscionable, soulless asshole.” That’s only the beginning. Neutron also faults Rove for “all these wars that we’re still embroiled in, our economy being screwed, and gay marriage being used as a wedge issue.” Then there’s that “porcine face,” which, according to Neutron, resists even the softest lighting or the finest airbrushing techniques.

“Did I say ‘cocksucker?'” he added, his voice rising to a crescendo. Mere mention of the name “Karl Rove” is enough to get his blood boiling, and spur another fusillade of insults.

Neutron’s well-entrenched animus stems from eight years of watching Rove serve as “Bush’s brain,” by issuing terror warnings and launching warrantless wiretaps, among other offenses. Like many of Rove’s detractors, Neutron blames the erstwhile Chief of Staff for engineering our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet, what really got Neutron was Rove’s recent comeback attempt, in the form of a new, self-aggrandizing autobiography. The title was the real clincher, Neutron said: “Courage and Consequence? Are you kidding me?”

Even as the ink dries on the pages, Neutron is planning his own project to coincide with Rove’s March 9 book release. Originally, he wanted to create a one-off band that would perform songs about Karl Rove, and show “what the book should actually be about.” The idea was to create a “Google bomb,” like the one that Richard Kim and Betsy Reed created with their Sarah Palin parody, Going Rouge. When Neutron broached the subject with friends, their response was so overwhelming that he decided to take the idea one step further. He devised an entire compilation of songs that go against the Rovian grain. He named the album Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence, in the hope that it would steal hits on Google and perhaps even trick right-wing book-buyers into purchasing the wrong product. Barring a lawsuit for copyright infringement, Neutron says his main goal is to mess with the retired politician “in some small way” – even if it only amounts to a few less book sales, or a slightly lower Google ranking.

To Neutron, Rove’s memoir and book tour is the equivalent of playing a show at the Hemlock Tavern: “You pump the show. You set it up. There’s a solid routine to it that basically includes a lot of people kissing your ass.” Thus, he continued, even a beleaguered politician can find ways to steer clear of critics. There’s a real danger that Rove could successfully reframe history, or at least capitalize on a legacy of bloodshed and domestic surveillance. It’s enough to get an activist rock musician hot under the collar. “He needs to be answered, and I don’t see that happening from anyone else,” said Neutron. “So I’ve elected myself curator of that.”

In fairness, he has all the right job qualifications. Thirty-one-year-old Neutron grew up in Modesto, where he was the small-town misfit with blue hair, guitar skills, and erudite parents – they named him for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (He added the Neutron part in 1996 and won’t reveal his real surname.) At age seventeen he moved up to the Bay Area, took a job in IT, and started the first in a series of offbeat rock bands, called Replicator. As frontman and lead guitarist, Neutron gave the band its distinctive nerdy stamp, writing songs with odd meters and Philip K. Dick references. Replicator enjoyed an eight-year tenure in the local club scene, and paved the way for Neutron’s second band, Mount Vicious (which broke up in August). In 2004 Neutron helmed Bands Against Bush, a precursor to the Rove project with its own, similarly seditious compilation. Neutron said that Bands Against Bush landed him on a federal watch-list. He was sure of it, he said, because in 2005 all his parking tickets went immediately to collections, and he received jury duty notices about every six weeks. He couldn’t pass through an airport security checkpoint without getting pulled out of line.

To complete Courage and Consequence in time for Rove’s book tour meant Neutron had to follow a pretty aggressive timeline. He hatched the plan on November 29, which allowed him four months to corral the bands, record the songs, mix the album, and set the marketing campaign in motion. Neutron also formed a new band, called Victory and Associates. Thus, he got to contribute an anti-Rove ditty of his own, entitled “Lies and the Lying Liars That Sell Them” (a spinoff of Senator Al Franken’s new book). Victory and Associates will perform its first show on March 18 at the Hemlock, several weeks after Courage and Consequence hits the streets.

It seemed improbable: a protest album with no financial backing, no promotional machine, and a deadline that brought everything down to the wire. But Neutron saw himself as a fearless David ready to fight Rove at all costs, even if it meant selling plasma to press up a thousand copies of the LP. Even he was surprised by the sudden onslaught of support. Thirteen bands signed on, ranging from local favorites (Heavenly States, Poster Children), to relative unknowns (Lambs of Abortion, We’re Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next). Some came so late in the game that Neutron had to request a prerecorded, premixed track. Even more shocking was the response from fans, who made pledges on Neutron’s web site to help fund the album. Neutron responded, in typical fund-drive fashion, with a tiered gift system. Five dollars guarantees a digital download, twenty dollars gets a digital download and copy of the vinyl LP. The sky’s the limit, he said. “Donate a thousand dollars and you get to write something in the liner notes, a kiss on the forehead, dinner with me – I don’t know.” As of last week, the album was already 34 percent funded by outsider donations, enough to give Neutron a little courage and consequence of his own. Or as he put it, “It takes a village to fuck an asshole.”


not bad! not bad at all.

42 preorders to go.

1/3 of the way to bumming out Karl Rove, and how you can help

It’s pretty simple. Karl Rove is a treasonous jerk, and he’s putting out a memoir pretty soon. So you are going to be seeing good ol’ Turdblossom all over every talk show spreading his lies. Here’s what we’re doing.

Remember this:

Pretty cool, right?

Well we’re doing the same thing, with this:

Help wipe that smug smile off his face, but not by a competing book, it’s a rocking compilation LP and digital download album OF THE SAME NAME coming out BEFORE his book.

We need about $3000 to do this right, we’re 1/3 of the way there at the time of this writing, and YOU can help.

Help support us producing this compilation of songs and have it released the same day as Karl Rove’s memoir of the same name, “Courage and Consequence”.

(not actual cover!)

The original idea was a “one off band” that wrote a bunch of songs about how lame/bad for America, and the world, Karl Rove is, release it at the same time and Googlebomb the whole internet to sow as much chaos into his book release as possible. Success would be measured by the amount of disorder brought to him, and by nothing else. Even if it never went further than our group of friends it would be worth it.

However, the response was overwhelming, and soon enough enough fantastic bands were interested that it only made sense to do as a compilation. It made sense to create something positive from this. The idea is to release free downloads of the record via the website, with participants, friends, fans, and the internet linking to it and raising its google search results, and a beautiful QUALITY vinyl record for audiophiles and those with the desire for a physical product. Additionally the artwork, for both, should be very similar to the book. (Ala: Sarah Palin’s Going Rouge vs. Going Rogue)

It is a little known fact that most conservative books go to the top of the best seller list and quickly fall off because they are purchased en masse by right wing think tanks and churches and then given away for free.

We believe that by getting this project ready by the time Karl Rove’s disgusting memoir is released we will be able to garner considerable attention (and maybe even confuse conservative book buyers) and, while it will be artistically viable on its own, will be a wonderful example of culture jamming.

Many more established and older artists such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young have called out wondering where the political voices are in music today. They are here but because of the nature of the current music industry we need some help to do anything that gets over the signal to noise ratio.

We stand against Karl Rove, his tactics and what he has wrought, and reject, in its entirety, the idea that turdblossom should get to do his victory lap unanswered.

So we’ve started the process in place to pay for this darned thing.

We’re really hoping we don’t have to pay for the whole thing out of pocket.

If you can repost the link to your social networking groups/mailing lists/internet forums, etc.

that would be wonderful.

If you can

contribute/buy an advance copy, even better!

Any additional money not going to the production of the physical compilation will be going directly to the bands and artists involved in this project, split in an even manner, to recoup recording costs. We do not plan on taking one cent of money as profit.

Costs for pressing of this record and digital distribution are just shy of $3000, there is mastering, laquer pressing, processing costs, labels, shrinkwrap, inserts and jackets… and that’s just the physical production, not including the actual recording costs which are mostly handled by the bands.

We’re 1/3 of the way there, exactly… with $1000 pledged.

My qualifications for this:

I was the international head of Bands Against Bush, whose only crime was registering young voters, yet it still got me on a “watch list”. I also used to be a front page writer on a blog about California politics that started with a “C”. 🙂

I have played in rock bands for over 10 years, completed 5 US tours, and countless smaller ones, and independently released and distributed 5 full length albums, multiple eps and online singles.

We people of the netroots are used to CONSTANTLY being asked to contribute to causes and political candidates. Some who prove worthy, some who do not. I am asking you now to contribute to a cause and also to a good old fashioned culture jam, AS WELL as to create something that should be pretty great creatively as well. Good music and good old fashioned protest.

At the level of a $20 contribution you get a physical copy of the LP AND high quality digital downloads. You get a lot more the more you can donate.

Plenty of other rewards besides that as well.

(the minimum is $1 BTW, and I’m guessing even the poorest readers have that)


Do you know the bands on here?

Well, it’s possible, my guess is probably not though, but they are all quality acts.

The Heavenly States


Victory and Associates


Cold Lake

United Sons of Toil

Death Dream

Have Special Power

Assistant Cobra

We’re Gonna Fight the Eskimos Next

Poster Children

Bottomless Pit/Tim Midgett (from silkworm) (perhaps!)

And more!

Many people have been super supportive about this and have glowed about what a fantastic idea this is. Well, we can only do this with a little help from our friends.

This is a way that you can help us realize this if you are so interested.

Consider this a massive excercise in free speech and an earnest attempt to ruin a man’s day that has directly wrecked so many lives.


The fact that we’ve put together a quality product is almost inconsequential (but it will be a quality product)

Because I can guarantee that just based on our friends/personal networks and hopefully with a little help from the Netroots, we are going to bum Karl Rove out on his special day.

Go here to help out

CA-46: Debate Fireworks and Ratf*#!kers for Rohrabacher

So Debbie Cook and Dana Rohrabacher debated yesterday afternoon.  I could write 1000 words about it, but I could also just provide you with this picture, which says it all:

As in, “I can’t believe I actually have to run for my seat.”

But if you want to know about the substance, Todd Beeton, who was there, has a writeup.

But even though crazy Dana is always likely to say some crazy shit, and he did, what I took away from the debate most of all was how unabashedly progressive Debbie Cook is and how lucky we would be to have her in Congress. This is a fairly red (albeit getting bluer every day) district, one where you might expect the Democratic challenger to moderate her views for the electorate. Nope, not Debbie. I’ll write about the debate more later, hopefully with video, but here are just three of the issues where Debbie shined today:

• On global warming, Cook, who is an energy expert, in response to Rohrabacher’s global warming denier nonsense, asserted “The debate is over. I can’t get into a discussion over climate change, to me it’s just a fact, we need to move on to solving our oil depletion problems.”

• On Proposition 8: “I strongly oppose Proposition 8, I am in favor of full marriage equality.”

• And on healthcare reform, Cook advocated for a single-payer Medicare for all model. “Health care is a right every American should enjoy.”

Yes, Crazy Dana denied global warming.  Again.  Not sure if he attributed it to dinosaur flatulence this time.  But here’s the actual discussion:

Rohrabacher went on to accuse those “who claim that humankind is changing the climate,” including Cook and his other opponents, of fear mongering.

“[They are] trying to stampede us into policies that will take us towards technologies that just deal with carbon dioxide and have nothing to do with personal health,” Rohrabacher said.

Cook, who led Huntington Beach in joining the U.S. Mayor’s Agreement on Global Warming, dismissed Rohrabacher’s claims, stating that the scientific debate over climate change had ended.

“Debating climate change is just a distraction from the real work that we all need to do,” Cook said. “Humans are overtaking the ability of the planet to sustain itself. Now, we need to move toward a green future because that’s the only thing that can save us.”

Apparently, Rohrabacher’s plan was to relate everything back to illegal immigration and the Wall Street bailout package, which he would have replaced with capital gains tax cuts and more deregulation, so I’m not seeing Mr. Populism in there.

Cook stayed on message and did not take the bait.  Here was her explanation.

After the debate, Cook explained why she refused to go after the incumbent.

“It’s not my style,” she said. “You don’t want to make the same mistake that the Republicans have made with McCain in going negative, negative, negative. I think it’s quite apparent that he’s done nothing for this district in 20 years. And if people don’t understand that, me telling them isn’t going to change anything.”

“He’s an a**,” Cook continued. “I can’t respond to him. He’s a liar.”

Meanwhile, I noticed something very interesting in Rohrabacher’s latest fundraising report:

Donald Segretti





Yes, that Donald Segretti.  The head of the “dirty tricks” division of the Nixon campaign, the guy who stole stationery from Ed Muskie and wrote all kinds of lies about possible Nixon opponents in 1972, alleging Scoop Jackson had an illegitimate child and Hubert Humphrey was guilty of sexual misconduct and Muskie had insulted Franch-Canadians.  By the way, Segretti was a co-chair of John McCain’s Presidential campaign in 2000.  And he was Karl Rove’s mentor in ratfucking.

Donald Segretti offered J. Timothy Gratz $100.00 per month, plus expenses, to co-ordinate these projects. Gratz agreed to work on the project and he was given an advance payment of $50.00. Gratz later told Anthony Ulasewicz that “although the whole incident seemed strange” he agreed to help “as most of the ideas he suggested seemed like they were worth doing anyway”. However, Gratz claimed he told Karl Rove, Chairman of the College Republican National Committee, about this dirty tricks campaign. We now know that Rove himself was part of Segretti’s campaign. In fact, he probably played a leading role in this dirty tricks operation. Rove had become friends with CIA asset, Robert F. Bennett in 1968. According to one report, Bennett became a “mentor of Rove’s”.

In 1970, Karl Rove used a false identity to enter the campaign office of Democrat Alan J. Dixon, who was running for Illinois State Treasurer, and stole 1000 sheets of paper with campaign letterhead. Rove then printed fake campaign rally fliers promising “free beer, free food, girls and a good time for nothing,” and distributed them at rock concerts and homeless shelters, with the effect of disrupting Dixon’s rally.

Nice company that Rohrabacher attracts.

Donate to Debbie Cook: Having the money to get her message out is all that stands between her and victory.

Truth Now on Arnold’s Prop 11 Redistricting Plan to Turn CA Red

(I’m not a big fan of Prop 11.  lindasutton does a good job of explaining the beast. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

TRUTH NOW on Proposition 11…

… the fake redistricting reform brought to you by Gov. Schwarzenegger and his wrong-wing Republican gang

Want to live in a Red State? Want to have gridlock on redistricting in addition to the budget? Want to have the Republicans put in charge of “protecting” our coastline?

This is the reality of the so-called “Voters First” proposition being put on the ballot this year by Arnold and his Republican fat cat cronies. The only “voters” who are elevated will be the Republicans who are attempting to circumvent their declining registration statewide by fooling the voters into the idea that Prop 11 is “independent” and “non-partisan.” You’ve got to hand it to them. They come up with such good titles that mean exactly the opposite!!!

Under the guise of “reform,” proposition 11 creates a new state bureaucracy with an unlimited budget. This new drain on the state resources would essentially operate as a parallel second set of employees since a redistricting staff already exists in the state legislature. Along with the 14 member Citizens Redistricting Commission (paid $300 per day + expenses to attend a meeting), this new unlimited bureaucracy would include political staffers (civil-service exempt), private contractors, and private attorneys.

If this commission, stacked in the Republicans’ favor, does NOT reach agreement, and the rules ensure it will not, redistricting is handed to the California Supreme Court who appoints “special masters” to complete the boundary lines. NOTE that 6 of the 7 justices currently sitting on the court were appointed by Republican governors.

Few people can defend the bizarre configurations of our legislative districts that are currently under the direct control of our politicians. Often neighborhoods are split into “communities of interest,” and this is one of the arguments used in favor of this measure that will be on the ballot this November. But, the politicians ARE responsible for what they have done, and they CAN be held accountable by the voters. If Prop 11 passes, all accountability ends.

Proposition 11 sets up a convoluted maze to choose 14 commissioners. The restrictions on selection of applicants are such as to ensure their ignorance of the political process. Excluded are people who have been candidates for office within the last 10 years, or had a family member who was, anyone who has served on a political central committee, anyone who has been on a political staff or been a lobbyist, anyone contributing $2000 or more to a candidate, any staff people to elected officials or their relatives. Thus, the pool of applicants will be severely restricted to those who have the least possible experience dealing with the complex decisions they will be asked to make. Or, maybe not. Interestingly, politicos from the Republican institutes and think tanks are not excluded.

The maze begins with the State Auditor. You say, “Who?” Who, indeed. It’s not as though we’ve ever heard anything about this unelected state official. But now this unknown takes front and center stage and begins the Prop 11 process by choosing three so-called “independent” state auditors to oversee what follows. This is Step #1, in the multiple-step procedure laid out by this proposition.

For the record, the State Auditor is currently Elaine M. Howle. She is a POLITICAL appointee of the governor’s, selected from a list of three submitted to him by the state legislature. The State Auditor, however, is “accountable solely to the California Legislature” after appointment.

The next step (#2) proceeds by choosing from a pool of applicants 20 Democrats, 20 Republicans, plus 20 not in either major party. This formula bears NO relationship to the actual political party registration in the state which as of May 19, 2008  is 43.75% Democrat, 32.53% Republican, and 23.72% all others. The losers here are obviously the Democrats who have gained a substantial margin in registration and would now be required to forfeit that plurality.

Moving on to Step #3, the state party leaders (only Dems and Reps now) get veto power. The President pro Tempore of the Senate, the Minority floor leader of the Senate, the Speaker of the Assembly, and the Minority Floor Leader may EACH strike up to two applicants from each sub-pool of 20 for a total of eight possible strikes per sub-pool. So, the whittled down lists of possibly only 12 Dems+12 Reps+12 Others now go back to the State Auditor.

In Step #4, The State Auditor is to draw random names from the pool submitted by the previous step, and they become the first 8 on the Citizens Redistricting Commission. There are to be 3 from the largest political party (Dems), 3 from the second largest political party (Reps), and 2 from all others. Again, the LOSER on this cozy little split is the Democrats who AGAIN forfeit their significant voter registration plurality to…guess who???  The REPUBLICANS.

Now to Step #5, and if you’ve zoned out by now, well, that IS the point. But, please stay for the finale. The 8 from step #4 review the names in the remaining pool from which they had been drawn, supposedly randomly, and now themselves APPOINT 6 more. These are to be evenly split: 2 Dems/2 Reps/2 Others. Each one of these must then be approved by 5 votes of the existing 8 commissioners with a required 2 each from each major party and 1 other. And there you have it, the FOURTEEN who have made it through this convoluted sieve and are now charged, on paper, with redrawing the district lines after each decade’s census. And again, the losing party is scheduled to be the Democratic Party that holds the greatest voter registration in the state.

By now you’re probably wondering IF those 14 will even have the expertise to know where to begin! But, not to worry. At the end of the text of this ballot measure, glossed over in the ballot summary, we find the fine print detailing all the undisclosed new expenditures of this ill-conceived boondoggle, and you’re welcome to read it yourself: http://www.sos.ca.gov/election…

“The commission shall hire commission staff, legal counsel and consultants as needed.” These employees shall be EXEMPT from civil service requirements, which means they will be POLITICAL appointees. Civil service would have meant appointment under a general system based on merit ascertained by competitive examination (CA Constitution Article VII:  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/.con… And, listen to this, ONLY ONE of those hired as legal counsel needs to have “extensive experience and expertise in implementation and enforcement of the federal Voting Rights Act.”

There are NO LIMITS on number of staff, consultants, or legal counsel. There’s also no limit on the funding that the governor submits for this new bureaucracy created through Prop 11 OR for the “statewide outreach program” that is to be set up “to solicit broad public participation” —  public relations events.  Be assured, however, that there is planned fiscal oversight, from the GOVERNOR’S Department of Finance!!!

The greatest travesty is the gridlock built into the commission by a requirement of 9 votes to approve final maps. These votes must be evenly split between Democrats/Republicans/ and Others. Can anyone who has watched state government in recent years even imagine agreement? This is where the Republican-appointed State Supreme Court steps in to dictate the final maps.

If Proposition 11 passes, and it WILL if people do not read more than the title and blurb provided by the Secretary of State,  there will be a huge faucet of state funds funneled to private consultants and attorneys, overseen by political appointee staff and citizen commissioners paid $300+expenses per meeting, and Republicans will be in charge.

And this is being sold to voters as an improvement??? THIS is reform??? Certainly there will be the well-connected who will profit from this new bureaucracy, but it’s not going to be the average taxpayer who will again be stuck with the bill for this privatization of the redistricting process. And the Democrats, who have gained significantly in voter registration, again will be stymied by this seizure of power by the Republican elite.

We now move to the more interesting part — the financing of this interesting excursion into the redistricting wonderland. WHO would be funding this?

Turns out that anyone who wants to check into the FUNDERS of any of the propositions OR candidates can do so quite easily through our Secretary of State’s website. From the main page, click on “political reform” on the top bar, then find the link for http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/ part way down that page.

I’ve done this and you would not believe WHO is there!! How about New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the tune of $250,000! And there’s Boone Pickens, the Texas oil tycoon, for $100,000. And CEO’s and Chairs abound. I wonder if the shareholders of these companies know where the profits go. From Williams Sonoma –W. Howard Lester, $250,000; from Guess–Maurice Marciano $25,000; from Trust Company of the West–Robert Day $100,000; from Charles Schwab–$100,000; from the Gap–Donald Fisher $50,000; from PIMCO–William Powers $100,000; from Netflix founder Reed Hastings $147,307.01; from Rick Caruso, RE Development, $100,000; from the LA Chamber of Commerce, $32,500. Then there is the New Majority California PAC (more on this follows) with $175,000. Here’s where you check out the donor list:  http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/C…

And that’s just from under the first listed committee, California Voters First, #1299492, that is supporting the measure. They report $4,826,382.01 received for only the first 6 months of 2008. http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/C…

Additional donors, insurance companies, land developers, etc., are tucked away under what is called the New Majority California PAC (a major donor to Voters First) here:


Homebuilder William Lyon kicked in $8,000; the Irvine Company $8000; Bank of America PAC $5600; Heritage Development $8000; Robert Follman of RA Industries $8000; Robert Grimm of Strategic Financial $8000; Stephen Fry of Fry Steel $8000;  Yokohl Ranch $8000; Horowitz Management $8000. (David Horowitz, that is, who is also within Voters First with an additional $5000); Marion Knott Montapert $8000 (another multiple donor with an additional $2000 disclosed within Voters First too); William E. Simon $8000; Syd Liebovitch of Rodeo Realty $5000.

But for those research wonks you really want to go for it, please check out the New Majority California PAC EXPENDITURES here: http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/C…

This is where you find the actual FUNDING of petition gathering by Kimball Petition Management for Voters First (indeed), the Republican Governors Association donations, the contributions to Gov Scharzenegger’s committees, various Republican county parties, mailers for Bernard Parks (candidate for LA County supervisor), and $10,000 for KARL ROVE!!!

For those of you who have gotten this far, I have a challenge. Within the California Voters First PAC, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Dream Team is listed multiple times for both in-kind and monetary contributions…$280,000 here, $300,000 there…get the idea? Try to figure the total in millions and call his office to ask what each of these contributions represented. I’m curious and have simply run out of time. I also suspect many who were behind Arnold’s failed Prop 77 in 2005 are behind this new incarnation.

What I am certain of is that this proposition #11 is as “fair and balanced” as Fox News. This is yet another one of these “by the rich and for the rich” propositions being marketed by the high priced Republican propagandists to harried voters. Democrats living in the Red Zones are particularly vulnerable, since they are hoping this will benefit them. It won’t. It also only applies to STATE districts, and NOT to Congressional districts.

Expect the Republicans will be continuously pounding the airwaves with their lies using credible-looking endorsements from credible sounding “good government” organizations and people.

Don’t fall for it. Vote NO on PROP 11 and keep the politicians directly accountable for these critical decisions. As bad as some of them have been in the past, this certainly is not a viable alternative. The Republicans are attempting to circumvent their continuous losses in registration over the last Bush years. Don’t let them do it. VOTE NO ON PROP 11 and pass this around.

© 2008, Linda Sutton

Truth Now Productions


How We Still Take the White House if the Rep Power Grab Initiative Passes

I want to add to the analysis of the proposed California Republican power grab initiative.  Should it pass, we could lose about 19 of California’s 55 electoral college votes to the Rep candidate.

If the initiative qualifies for the June 2008 California primary election, we will of course fight it tooth and nail.  But all is not lost if it passes.  We can still win in 2008 in a landslide.  We don’t have to have Rep Presidents forever.  However, we must nominate a candidate that can win in solid Red states – and the best candidate for that task is Bill Richardson.

Generating support from outside the Democratic base is critical to taking the White House.  The Presidential election of 2004 demonstrated the fallacy of the argument that all Democrats need to do is line up behind a candidate, generate a massive turnout and victory will be ours.

John Kerry received more votes than any other Democratic candidate for President in history, yet he still lost.  On the other hand, as we saw in the 2006 Congressional elections, when Democrats attract votes from Republicans and Independents, Democrats win. 

If the Rep power grab initiative passes in California next year, it becomes imperative that we not nominate another Northern liberal like Clinton or Obama.  Forget the meaningless presidential match up polls more than a year before the election.  They are just based on national name recognition at this point.  Northern liberal Democrats don’t carry solidly Red states.  The White House will be lost if the Rep aren’t challenged in the South, Southwest, Rocky Mountain and Western states, and that is guaranteed if the Rep power grab initiative passes in California. 

The candidate I’m supporting is Bill Richardson.  More than John Edwards, because of Richardson’s Latino heritage and Western values as well as economic policies and stance on 2nd Amendment issues, Richardson is the ideal candidates for Dem to take Red states regardless of what happens in California.

New Mexico politics mirrors the partisan split in America today.  In the last two Presidential elections, the outcome of the vote in New Mexico was decided by less than 1% of the ballots cast.

Richardson has been the most successful governor at the ballot box in New Mexico history. In a state evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, Richardson won his first term in office by a 56 to 39 percent margin.

Four years later, when the campaign issue was his leadership and performance, Richardson was re-elected by an incredible 68 to 32 percent vote – more than twice his margin of victory in 2002.  Forty percent of the Republicans that went to the polls in New Mexico last November voted for Richardson. 

With Richardson at the head of the Democratic ticket, no longer would the fate of the Democratic candidate rise or fall on the outcome of one state.  We would start with the same states carried by Senator Kerry in 2004. 

Latinos who voted for Bush in 2004 would largely return to the Democratic Party.  Independents would also favor Richardson.  We already are seeing this.  In the latest ARG poll for Iowa , Richardson, among Independents that lean Democratic, is leading the Democratic field:

Biden  3%
Clinton  18%
Dodd  3%
Edwards  8%
Kucinich  5%
Obama  21%
Richardson  25%
Undecided  17%

Add in his Western values, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona would become blue states.  That brings 29 electoral votes to the Dems, more than compensating for the lost electoral votes in California if the Rep power grab initiative passes but not enough to win the White House (assuming we carry all states Kerry won in 2004). 

Florida with 27 electoral votes could make the difference.  With Richardson as the nominee it could easily turn blue.  Adam Smith, one of the top political commentator in Florida, described earlier this year Richardson’s appeal in the state. 

I defy anyone to name a Democrat better equipped to take Florida than New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

Think of it: a tax-cutting, NRA-supported progressive Democrat who can make a strong case in the conservative Panhandle; and the first Latino presidential nominee sure to energize the crucial Hispanic vote in South Florida and Central Florida.

For Central Florida’s crucial swing voters disillusioned by what they’ve seen with Iraq and Katrina, the two-term red- state governor, former U.N. ambassador, and U.S. energy secretary can sell competence. Nobody on either side is as experienced and tested on the key issues of the day – foreign policy, energy independence and economic growth.

What Smith wrote would apply in other Southern states, in particular Texas.  With 34 electoral votes, Texas is to Reps what California is to Dems. Kerry lost Texas by 23 points in 2004. The last time the Dems took Texas was Carter in 1976.

Today though, Democrats have been winning in local races in Texas.  Again with Richardson’s Western values and Latino heritage, he will have great appeal in Texas and could take the state.

How electable a Presidential candidate is should be taken into consideration, and all factors need to be considered including the possibility the California Rep power grab initiative could pass.  Moreover, electability should not be viewed solely from the viewpoint of the Presidential race. 

To achieve true health care reform, an aggressive plan attacking global warming and other policy initiatives that require Congressional approval, we must support a Democratic candidate that can assist down ticket Democrats win.

Richardson is the one Democratic candidate for President that has repeatedly shown an ability to attract support from Independents and Republicans. That will propel him to victory in November 2008, as well as lead to landslide victories for Dem candidates for the House and Senate nationwide.