Campbell Decides That He Really Wanted the Senate All Along

Tom Campbell was totally in it to win it.  It’s just that he was in it to win another “it.”  But his heart is totally in the Senate race now, though:

“What we’ve seen in the last year is a tremendous growth of the federal government, tripling the deficit and an expansion of the federal role in health care and financial services,” Campbell told The Bee. “The federal issues are just exploding in the last year.” (SacBee)

You see, it’s just now that he realized that federal issues are important. Not when 12 months ago when Barack Obama inherited the worst economy in a generation. Not 6 months ago, when the vitriol around health care reached its crescendo. Not when President Obama was struggling with Afghanistan decisions.  Now. When it looked like he was about to buried under a mountain of Whitman’s cash.

Not to be a cynic twice over, but, well, I’m going to be a cynic again.  Not only did Campbell wait, but he was also preening for the cameras in a perhaps more visible campaign. And one more thing, under state finance laws, one is allowed to raise a lot more than you are allowed to raise per contributor under federal laws. I wasn’t able to determine how many big donors Campbell had, mostly because his funding was so anemic and the second half numbers haven’t been filed yet. But, if one were to really, really need to raise his name ID, I’d think some additional time in the Gov race would be appealing

Not that I’m a cynic or anything…

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