Somebody Started the Music in LA, Commence Chair Swapping

Back when John Perez was just starting to take command of the Speaker race, Sen. Gil Cedillo was threatening to run in the primary against him.  He never really gave any clear reasons for doing so, just that he had another 2 years left in the Assembly under term limits. Oh, and he had a poll showing that he could win.  But, you know how polls go, when a sitting Assembly speaker is challenged, there might be some money flowing to the race.

So, conveniently enough for Cedillo, Asm. Kevin DeLeon has announced that he will be vacating his Assembly seat and running for Cedillo’s senate seat.

“It has been and continues to be an honor to serve the communities of our region as a member of the Assembly,” De León said, “Today, I am announcing my strong desire to continue that work by running for the California State Senate. Now more than ever we need legislators who are dedicated to protecting vital public services, education, and public safety. These are extraordinarily difficult times and I will work tirelessly for the constituents of the 22nd Senate District.” (Capitol Weekly)

This situation is probably the best for all concerned, except that DeLeon doesn’t get to become Speaker.  At any rate, DeLeon had only one Assembly term left, we get a four year Speaker, and avoid a nasty primary fight.

How convenient.