Tax Season Begins

Well its that time of year, taxes r us or should I say taxes are paid out. I think I should be on a permanent payment plan with the Franchise Tax Board and IRS. Every year I owe money, every month I pay money so I wait until April 14th to file buying myself some precious time.

What can I say, I fear no human more then the Tax people, I guess that would be debatable are they human? maybe they are, I guess I should demonize the legislator who thinks nothing of taxing me into oblivion but they do a good job of doing that on there own. You would think these people beamed on this planet because they are so out of touch with how hard it is in the real world. I am in one of those catch 22 tax brackets where I make too much money so they take it but I make to little money to barely make it. That sounds like that could be a line in a song. I would write it but then they would tax that to. Well the Governor is going up against the unions now, which he should of done years ago but whatever, he will fold as soon as they start calling him names. What is the answer? Not sure? Have to try and hang on and carve out a living while supporting every program Sacramento can dream up for the people who don’t give a damn about doing something for themselves. In the end April 14th will come around, I will file my taxes without sending them money and then wait for the letter saying you owe us. Then once again I will set up a payment plan.