iPhone Users Dig Democrats

I don’t know how surprising that statement is, but a new poll out gives some quantitative weight to the statement

*  iPhone users are 53% Democratic, 25% Republican, and 22% Independent

*  BlackBerry users are 46% Democratic, 40% Republican, and 14% independent.

*** *** ***

*  iPhone owners favor Jerry Brown by a wide margin (57% Brown – 31% Whitman, 12% undecided);

*  Blackberry users prefer Meg Whitman for Governor by a narrower margin (38% Brown – 47% Whitman, 15% undecided);

The poll also gives some totally unsurprising data about the use of Facebook among voters going down in a straight line from 18 and up. But, there was some really interesting data about who is winning the social media war.  Right now Jerry Brown is at 10%, Whitman at 9%, and Schwarzenegger and Newsom are at 8.

The poll is in support of a new organization, CALinnovates.org, which aims to move the discussion forward on tech policy.

By the way, if I were Jerry Brown and saw that Whitman was up 9 points among a demographic that is a 46-40 Dem split, I’d be pretty worried right about now. But, clearly, I’m not Jerry Brown.

One thought on “iPhone Users Dig Democrats”

  1. He’s got a master plan to do a stealth candidacy until October when he’ll unleash 27 million dollars in negative ads on network TV.

    In December he will blame his loss on the “liberal blogs” for not writing enough nice things about him.

    I’d say the plan is right on schedule.

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