Florez Has Harsh Words for Governor on Maldonado Nomination

Senate Majority Leader urges Schwarzenegger to move on with Maldonado’s fate “dicey at best”

SACRAMENTO – With the Assembly’s reconsideration vote of Senator Abel Maldonado’s confirmation as Lieutenant Governor pending, Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez (D-Shafter) issued the following statement:

“As the Assembly waits to take up the confirmation of Senator Abel Maldonado for reconsideration, I think it’s time for the Governor to begin working on Plan B on the Lieutenant Governor nomination.  No matter how much the Governor stomps his foot, crosses his arms, threatens legal action, cries partisanship or commands the legislature to ‘obey,’ Maldonando’s nomination looks dicey at best.”  

“The Governor operated sloppily throughout the entire process and has created a governing mess.  Spending months on court battles is the last thing Californians want from their Governor.  Giving Maldonado a handshake and then quickly moving to Plan B is the Governor’s best option at this point.”