LT. Gov Race: Hahn Ripped-SOCAL Media: Quote: May be the dumbest person to ever hold Office in LA

Again, from SoCal media today, Lt. Governor Candidate Janice Hahn campaign seems to be going down in “flames” this week in the Southern California media over ethics (actually I read the charge is not having ethics) or is clueless, and money changing hands and, well, there is even more. This is starting to appear to me like a bad movie script.

From Ron Kaye Blog (and he has been correct in these breaking matters earlier this week):

Now, I’m heartbroken.  But because I’m not really housebroken, I’m going to come out and say it: Janice Hahn may be the dumbest person to ever hold office in Los Angeles – and if you know your LA history, that’s pretty freaking scary.

Earlier this week, I got on her for trying to pull a fast one with her City Council/Lieutenant Governor’s campaign web sites (insert link).  Then I teased her for posing in a newspaper photo with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who isn’t exactly the kind of guy you want endorsing you in a Democratic primary for statewide office.

But both of those are small kibble compared to the dumb-ass doozy detailed today in the Daily Breeze. (insert link)  Get a load of the first three paragraphs of Art Marroquin’s story:

“The president of a ship-building business donated at least $7,000 to Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who was expected this month to mediate a dispute between the company and the Port of Los Angeles.

“Hahn was set to step in as an impartial arbitrator amid the ongoing debate between port officials and Long Beach-based Gambol Industries, which has tried since last spring to open a $50 million shipyard on Terminal Island.

“Gambol’s president, Robert Stein, contributed $6,500 to Hahn’s lieutenant governor campaign account last October and another $500 to her City Council officeholder’s account last August, according to online state and city filing records.”

Yes, you read it right!  Janice took all this dough – and then figured nobody would blink if she decided the fate of this guy’s $50 million (!!!) project.  A call from a reporter inspired her to change her mind.

When this dog called her out publicly on the web site screw up, her staff politely explained it was just an innocent mistake: all this Internet stuff is just sooooo confusing.


I suppose ethics is way too confusing, too. Gosh, there are just soooooo many rules. And the appearance of a conflict being as bad as conflict, well, forget it.  There are just soooooo many confusing words.

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