Arnold Resubmits Maldonado Appointment

Well,  it looks like Arnold got around to reading the law, and perhaps the words of the author of that law, and decided that seating St. Abel without the 41 votes is probably a bit rash.  So, another tack.

The Governor has withdrawn the original nomination, and then resubmitted Maldonado for the LG post.  

This means two things.  First, Mona Pasquil, Garamendi’s former CoS, and the state’s first Filipino statewide official, keeps her position on the State Lands Commission and the other administrative posts that the LG sits on.

But, the real key here is the timing. The new nomination gives the Legislature another 90 days, and a chance for them to push the nomination back to be combined with the June primary, and to also grab a chance at getting Maldonado’s vote for any potential budget deal.

To me, it’s not clear that a combined primary/special election really helps John Laird all that much out in the Senate election. However, it would save the state money. Given the rhetoric the Assembly has been using, it seems like it would be quite challenging for them to switch back now to allow him to take the seat.  But, stranger things have happened, and this is Sacramento. Your word is only your bond until the next deal comes up.

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