Help Oust A Right-Wing Terrorist!

Last summer, Wally Herger (CA-02) held a town hall in Redding to supposedly get his constituents thoughts about healthcare proposals in congress.  I say “supposedly” because if anyone went to one of these things, all you got was propaganda and distortions.  Of course, none of this is new to any of the readers here.  But what really made Wally stand out was one moment that sums up his arrogance and why he shouldn’t be allowed to be someone who dares to call himself our representative.

In response to a man who described himself as “a proud right wing terrorist,” Wally’s first instinct was to say, “God bless you, there’s a great American!”

Not only is it inappropriate to even joke about praising terrorism in this day and age, Wally can’t seem to see how despicable it is to continue to foment such disgusting rhetoric that only fails us, the taxpayers, by continuing to poison the atmosphere of Washington.  We will be the victims of Wally’s inability to work with the majority to try to address the needs of his constituents.

In an attempt to oust this long-standing, do-nothing congressman, Jim Reed, an attorney from Fall River Mills, threw his hat in the ring.  Someone had to step up and I’m glad he did.  Reed’s campaign recently sent out a first-of-its-kind talking mailer to remind people of Herger’s arrogance.  I just got an email that says that not only has it been featured on DailyKos twice and the Redding-Record Searchlight, but Keith Olbermann may also do a little segment on his show this week!

Here’s a video of the mailer and check it out for yourselves:

But Reed needs our help.  Let’s take this great story and pass it on. And see if you can find your way to ActBlue. We need your help up here in CA-02.

Let’s tell Wally we’re tired of right-wing terrorists!