Bass and Newsom Each Move Forward On Campaigns

Election news never stops, and this being an election year, don’t expect a slowdown any time soon.  So, why not combine two of the developments?

First, Speaker Bass made her entry into the congressional race to replace Diane Watson official.

“This is a very, very humbling moment,” Bass told community leaders and supporters who joined her at her Mid-Wilshire-area office. “I am so proud to announce I’m going to throw my hat into the ring.”

If elected, Bass said, she’ll have “very big shoes to fill.”

Watson, who announced last week that she would not run for reelection after 35 years in public office, said she was pleased to back Bass.

“I 100% — maybe 300% — endorse Karen Bass,” said Watson, 76, whose Los Angeles-area 33rd Congressional District is among the most diverse in the nation. (LA Times)

Last week, Watson declined to endorse anybody in the race. It was a bit of surprise, but perhaps they just wanted to wait to make the announcement official this week.  With the current field, Bass appears to be the big front-runner. Nobody else has really made noise about entering the race, but Congressional districts only come up so often, so you never know.

Now, to SF Mayor Gavin Newsom.  When he left the race for Governor, he was struggling with money, paying Garry South $20K per month, and becoming increasingly unsettled. But apparently, he’s interested in Lite Guv:

Nothing official yet, but San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom  is putting together a campaign team for a possible run for lieutenant governor and will probably submit a ballot statement today to go in the state voter guide. (SF Chronicle)

As Matier and Ross point out, he was literally running from SF reporters at the end of his Gov campaign. But, Gavin Newsom is addicted to politics, and leaving the game is more easily said than done.

I’m still not sure if Newsom will actually enter the race, but if he wins, expect all hell to break out in San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “Bass and Newsom Each Move Forward On Campaigns”

  1. Although Gavin says he's “fired up” to run for Lt. Gov., his fomer Captian of the S.S. Governorship, Garry South, said of running for Lt. Guv:

    I've run a campaign for California lieutenant governor, and served as the lieutenant governor's chief of staff . . . I would have Newsom kidnapped by one-eyed aliens from Pluto if I ever thought he would make that decision.

    And we all know, Garry South has plenty of connections to one-eyed aliens.  I'm just sayin: Gav needs to watch his back.  (As does anyone who makes the idiotic decision to hire Garry South).  Ahem.

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