February 17 Open Thread


*  College Dems President Ian Magruder has an op-ed in the Sacramento Bee today about how student voters can affect the higher education funding crisis.

*  Arnold says that the Assembly is losing PR points for rejecting Maldonado as LG. Really? Does he think people really care who is LG? That’s optimistic.

*  DiFi is definitely out of the CA-Gov race. (Maybe)

*  Timm Herdt takes inspiration from a Honda commercial in advocating for clean energy sources and AB 32’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gasses.

3 thoughts on “February 17 Open Thread”

  1. I think Jerry Brown should tell Poizner to get out of the race. That way if the GOP keeps pressuring him, it’ll look like they let Brown interfere in their race.

    If they can make the GOP bloody themselves up in a primary and somehow figure out how to get some money back in the schools, the Dems will be doing well.

    (Cynically-schools are one government service that goes to the wealthy too…)

  2. Per Brian from last May, Sam Blakeslee was to be the State Assembly Minority Leader for 18 months until he was termed out.  But it seems he only served in that role for a mere 8 months, before being replaced two weeks ago by Martin Garrick.

    What happened?  I couldn’t find any info on Calitics about this switch, and why it happened.  I would think switching opposition leaders when it was originally not supposed to happen for another 10 months would be something worth talking about here.  Is this simply because it looks like Blakeslee will run for Maldonado’s state senate seat?  Or is there more to this story?

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