February 19 Open Thread


*  Janice Hahn’s campaign manager, Michael Trujillo, sent out an email in the middle of the night blasting Gavin Newsom for thinking of getting into the race. It might throw a wrench into what appears to be a central theme of Hahn’s campaign: she wants to bring the city perspective to Sacramento. (Check the video to the right for her appearance at the CYD Bay area candidate forum.) Obviously, to the extent that any LG can bring any perspective to Sacramento, Newsom seems as equipped to bring that perspective as he is anything else.

*  More from the SF Gate Politics Blog: What Meg Whitman didn’t bother to do, register to vote when she lived in Boston, her “domestics” did.  Specifically, while she was working for Mitt Romney at Bain, she didn’t vote, but her cook did.  Think Romney might be a little peeved about that, considering he lost an election while she was living there? Oh, and as an aside, Meg Whitman also doesn’t really understand what “mass layoffs” means.

*  This morning’s CalBuzz post features a couple of noteworthy stories, one of which I went into earlier. The other story concerns the outing of the Prop 8 federal judge Vaughn Walker’s “outing.” Walker never really tried to hide his sexuality, because he has made a commitment to maintain his impartiality, just as every other judge does.  As I’ve said at the Prop 8 Trial Tracker, Walker’s sexuality should bear no more relevance than Alito’s gender in his decisions.

* This story on Sen. Wiggins is unfortunate, as it seems a medical condition is causing her to act erratically.  She has announced that she won’t be seeking re-election. Asm. Noreen Evans appears to be the favorite for that seat.

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  1. As the President of he San Pedro Democratic Club which is in the heart of Janice Hahn’s City Council district, I can state with conviction that Janice Hahn has real courage and stands for the things we in the grassroots care about.

    She would make an excellent LG and deserves our support.

    -David Greene

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