February 23 Open Thread


*  David Lazarus has a story in the LA Times about Health Net fighting against paying for procedures that keep an LA-area man alive. It isn’t just one company or another. This is what the Tea Partiers are fighting to preserve. I wonder how they’ll feel about the system they love so much when they are in Bob Iritano’s position.

*  Poor John Yoo, now he has to freak out against pretty much anybody who criticizes him. Yesterday, the Berkeley Law professor essentially called Dawn Johnsen a partisan hack, and that pretty much anybody who disagrees with him probably also a hack. It’s not easy trying to rationalize torture and professional misconduct, and look sane. But hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

*  Now that Meg Whitman captured the Howard Jarvis Non-Taxpayers endorsement, CalBuzz asks can Poizner still compete outside of the grassroots?

* From the “reap what you sow” file, wingnut talk radio host Lee Rodgers was fired by KSFO last week because the parent company didn’t want to pay the last 4.5 months on his contract. And how is this long-time defender of corporate rapacity reacting? By getting his union involved. Once again conservatives show that progressive solutions are perfectly acceptable for themselves, just not for anyone else.

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  1. The Sierra Club is out with their first batch of 2010 endorsements.  What’s interesting is that they basically have endorsed only incumbents, and Paul Hodes (a sitting Congressman running for Senate in NH).

    And ONE challenger, Bill Hedrick in CA-44, running against Ken Calvert.

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