3 thoughts on “February 26 Open Thread”

  1. I was surprised to see a California proposition being advertised on the front page of the New York Times website, something called the “Taxpayers Right to Vote Act”. I mean, who could be opposed to that?

    Oh yes, turns out this is just a ploy by PG&E to eliminate the ability of municipalities to buy or sponsor alternative energy cooperatives. The proposition requires a 2/3 vote by all voters in any affected district to be able to form any energy-purchasing entity. In other words, pretty freakin’ impossible, given that the lawyers could potentially define that potential area as a state-wide zone.

    Ballotopedia says PG&E expects to spend $40 million on this, and they are the sole donor to the “YES” organization, in addition to having paid $3M to gather the signatures. This is about the rankest abuse of corporate power in the so-called citizens’ initiative process that could be imagined.

    THIS ONE HAS GOT TO BE KILLED FAST. Does anybody know where the NO organization is???

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