Democrats To Get Gubernatorial Candidate Tomorrow?

CNN is reporting that Jerry Brown will announce his bid for governor tomorrow:

California Attorney General Jerry Brown plans to announce Tuesday that he’s entering the race to be his state’s next governor, three sources confirm to CNN.

So hopefully we will get a strong and robust campaign launch from Jerry Brown. While there have been some concerns raised from progressives and Democrats about Brown’s campaigning (myself included) we do want him to run a winning campaign and retake the gubernatorial office after 7 long, destructive years under Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Capitol Alert has more:

Brown has not planned any campaign events timed with the announcement but will grant media interviews Wednesday and Thursday. He’s scheduled to appear on KTTV Fox 11 at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

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  1. Anything to counterbalance the obnoxious incessant commercials by Meg Whitman is certainly welcome to me.  

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