Healthcare Reform- Truth vs. Politics

Lately, interviews concerning healthcare reform have been plastering the news with droning answers that seem to always slip into over-complicated political jargon. In an interview on Fox 5 San Diego, Francine Busby and Brian Bilbray weighed in on the effect of healthcare reform.  The two candidates running for the seat in California’s 50th district have competing views of what needs to be done to pass healthcare reform.  Francine Busby, addressed the problem head on, and put forth a solution with a fresh display of knowhow and vision.  Busby focused on what needs to be done to make healthcare reform relevant to families around the dining room table here in San Diego, rather than the compromising table in Washington.  Busby is in support of passing this healthcare reform bill to help the 108,000 uninsured people in her district obtain health insurance.  She is willing to do what it takes to make sure the issues relate to the American people and not the American bureaucracy.

Brian Bilbray’s comments were all about POLITICS.  When asked about the votes needed to pass the bill, Bilbray pinned the blame on the Democrats, their 40-vote majority and lack of bipartisan cooperation, but the moderator did not let him get very far.  He claimed that the Democrats are not including the Republicans enough on negotiations, and are strictly going after their own votes.  But in reality, when was the last time a President has put together a healthcare summit with both parties present for discussion?  Never.  President Obama’s actions have exceeded any prior attempt at a bipartisan agreement on a bill.  Then I still ask myself, why has there been no compromise?  The answer that Bilbray poses is: politics.

The moderator further expressed her disgust with the Republican’s political games when she said, “You guys are going to lose those votes anyways. You are going to lose at the polls, because people are sick of it Congressman. People are really fed up and tired of all the politics.”  This Fox Network moderator conveyed the distrust and disgust that the people of America truly have for this broken system of governance.  The American people want healthcare reform.  They want cheaper insurance premiums.  They want a choice! Republicans are playing election games instead of doing their job, which the American people have to remind them of.  Stop the political nonsense and pass a bill that will help Americans.

The Republicans, including Bilbray, are focused on the midterm elections in November rather than what is right for the country.  Brian Bilbray simply refused to answer the question about how he was going to help the 46 million uninsured Americans. For Bilbray, denying healthcare reform is a political victory for the GOP.  Bilbray tiptoed around the issues and reinforced the fact that Republicans are playing politics and using buzzwords in attempt to win elections.  The moderator showed more exasperation with Bilbray by saying, “This is frustrating.”  Then she promptly ended the interview.  I agree with her.  The California 50th Congressional District deserves better than a question dodger.  They deserve someone who will help healthcare reform pass and help them get what they need.  The Republican’s “No First,” mentality has lasted too long.  The only way things will change is if we fill our government with people that are dedicated to making things better for the American people. Francine Busby is one of these people.  Please Congressman Bilbray, no more politics in this healthcare bill: just results.…