A little truth in advertising

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Forget the fact the Whitman does not take questions from the press. Forget the fact that she almost never appears at event that is free and open to the public. Forget the fact she is spending millions and millions of corporate dollars to craft a perfect "made for TV" image for the voters that we are supposed to buy, no questions asked.

Remember this: paying someone $3 million dollars for "campaign consulting" and then having them appear in your TV ad as a nuetral 3rd party validator is beyond the pale and not acceptable.    Not too mention – everyone else in the spot used to work for her and made millions of dollars during the dot.com boom as well. Where's the validation in that? How about someone from a charity you helped fund or create?  

If a politician put one of their staff or former staff in a commercial telling people how great they were – it would be roundly criticized and then some. What's the difference here?    

Judge for yourself. Below is our version of Meg's new TV spot with a little truth in advertising. After you watch the video, remember to post it to Facebook or twitter and share it with your friends – we may not have $150 million but we have a lot of friends we did not pay for.  

One thought on “A little truth in advertising”

  1. Ya know, our last president was an MBA.  How did that work out for us?

    Really, just how difficult was it to take eBay to such towering heights?  Me thinks that making her a billionaire was much too much compensation for that feat.

    Now we have her with lots of money to purchase the governorship.  I haven’t heard her say much more than platitudes on how she expects to govern.

    She has one thing right, though.  The money is HERE.  If we can figure out a way to tax ourselves, we can everything the way it used to be.

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