Why Doesn’t eMeg Just Buy the State Parks?

Media Market GRPs
Bakersfield 806
Chico-Redding 603
Eureka 631
Fresno-Visalia 986
L.A. 1008
Monterey-Salinas 635
Palm Springs 806
Sacramento 984
San Diego 1008
San Francisco 702
Santa Barbara 929
Think about it. For the amount of money that she’s spending on TV commercials, Meg could just save the state parks for a few years. As Angelides media consultant Bill Carrick told CalBuzz, “these are big fuckin’ numbers.”

“These are some big fuckin’ numbers,” said Bill Carrick, the veteran Democratic media consultant after reviewing the report. “She’s buying the whole shebang.”

As a practical matter, 1,000 GRPs a week means that an average TV viewer in a large market would have about 10 opportunities a week to see a Meg Whitman ad;  in smaller markets, with only two or three stations, 700-800 GRPs would be a significant buy. Here’s what the internal campaign report shows she’s doing around the state (N.B. Calbuzz did not independently confirm these numbers) –>

This level of ad buys will not only create viewer/voter fatigue, as Carrick points out, but it also costs a boatload of cash.  Now, it’s a relatively small amount of cash when compared to her eBay bank account, but the money is still real.  And while I was certainly kidding about her bailing out the state parks (she’d be in favor of selling the naming rights, I’m sure), the amount of money she’s spending on these ads would reopen the closed campsites and facilities around the state.

Since she’s avoiding the reporters who are paid to ask questions of our candidates, she’s planning on just buying the media time.  Thing is, elections aren’t just ebay auctions. You don’t just get to be the high bidder and take home the goodies.

3 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t eMeg Just Buy the State Parks?”

  1. she would have gotten a lot better PR if she spent that money shoring up an area of the state government that she thought was important. Even half that money. Adopt some schools, create a big scholarship fund at UC, help state parks… heck, she could have her own prison. So many choices.

  2. …until the ‘voters’ understand that the ability to spend money has no correlation, yeah I know most of ’em don’t know that word, between the ability to make and spend money and good public and social policy.


    Yes, I know that might never happen in our thought and truth free environment. But…

    …this is what the progressive blogosphere must do. Not provide a bully pulpit for fools to screech about ‘primaring yer ass!’

    We should be telling the truth every day in every way. Not playing old school political games.

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