March 10 Open Thread


*  Arnold vetoed spending cuts because they weren’t big and fast enough. Apparently, he’s never heard the ol’ bird in the hand cliche.

*  Another pay cut for legislators? The commission that reviews legislative salaries will take a look at another cut.  After the big cut last year, it would be something of a surprise.

*  The Chronicle gets some man-on-the-street reporting from Ashburn’s district, and frankly it is hard not to laugh. One guy says that he “is just prejudiced against gays.” Niiice.

* Bay Area train services are looking to get some of the HSR funding.

3 thoughts on “March 10 Open Thread”

  1. decided to endorse No on 16 (the PG&E bailout, deceptively entitled “right to vote”) as the dumbest idea in a long, long time.  The club wasn’t too enthusiastic about 14 or 17 either.

  2. the Repugs would cut the SSP(State Supplemental Payment) that SSI(supplemental Security Income) all the way to the bone and in SSI payments would only be $674 for Seniors, the Blind and the Disabled, $15 a month I’m prepared for(barely), But not the draconian cut I fear as then I’d barely get by then, As then repairs to My car would take years to save up for instead of a mere few months, Everything else I need or want to do would come to a screeching halt as a result of any draconian & vindictive cut from so called compassionate conservatives(their bought and paid for heartless swine and some are Bigots).

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