Speaker Pelosi Slams Schwarzenegger’s Blatant Use of Stupid

For the duration of the furlough craziness, I’ve had a particular definition of “Stupid.”  (Capitalized, that is.) Specifically, the furloughing of workers paid entirely by federal dollars that ends up losing the state money.

Here’s how it works in one example.  State worker A reviews disability claims. Worker A is a state employee, but his or her salary is paid by the federal government. Arnold, concerned as he is for simplicity over touchy issues like “facts” furloughs Worker A despite the fact that the state saves no money.  Further, the work that Worker A would have done would have pulled down federal dollars into the state, but instead they go unspent.  See…Stupid.

Now, Speaker Pelosi weighs in on all that Stupid:

While California must make tough choices as it works to close its budget deficit, furloughing workers whose salaries are fully-funded through the federal government results in the loss of millions of dollars for our state while harming our neediest citizens.

The Social Security Administration’s Inspector General has found that furloughs of Disability Determination Services workers would cost our state $30.6 million in lost federal funds while delaying $98.5 million per year in disability payments to disabled Californians. California is also dead last among all 50 states when it comes to paying unemployment insurance claims within 21 days, according to the Department of Labor.

The California Congressional Delegation and I met earlier this year with Governor Schwarzenegger and state legislative leaders to ensure that California will continue to receive the federal funds it needs. Enacting this bill, which passed the Legislature with large, bipartisan majorities, is one simple way to strengthen California. I hope the Governor will sign this bill and end all furloughs for workers funded by the federal government.

So, to summarize…state saves $0 Dollars. State loses $30.6 million.  How is this helping the state?  Now, the Legislature has approved a bill to end these furloughs.  Of course, if Arnold had just not pushed for them in the first place, we wouldn’t be in this position. Nonetheless, here we are. Arnold, sign the damn bill, and at least eliminate this one, small bit of Stupid.

6 thoughts on “Speaker Pelosi Slams Schwarzenegger’s Blatant Use of Stupid”

  1. He most likely will veto the Bill, Why? Lets see It’s Federal Money, He’s a Repugnican, The money comes from the Federal Budget which has a deficit, He’s a Wealthy Repugnican Snob, Enough said. Unless someone can add more to this of course.

  2. Der Gropenfuehrer’s every Executive action and policy have been consistent in creating and perpetuating diminished revenues, and then calling for spending cuts as a remedy.  He cares not a whit for those who suffer.  He answers to the have mores, not the used to haves, and certainly not to the hope to haves.

    He has no plans to fund state services, but I’m sure he has plenty of plans to assist the privatization- and profiteering of “formerly” public services.

  3. This letter from the Commissioner of Social Security (a Bush appointee) really illustrates the financial impact on California. Total Fail.

    History will not be kind to Arnie or the people who elected him twice.

  4. If the Governor can pretend he’s trying to save the state money by making splashy, highly publicized cuts to programs/services that touch the hot buttons of the usual suspects (those who always target “those damned unionized state workers…oh those lazy teachers…oh those fraudulent IHSS workers…”)and not get caught in the process, then it’s calculated and heartless, but not stupid. Even when Arnold does get caught, or loses a lawsuit or two, he counts on the short-term memory of people, the laziness and rightward bent of the corporate media, and the fact that he’s just counting out the days of his term in order to get away with it.

    How about that $26 million he allocated to investigate the “rampant”(unsubstantiated) IHSS (In-Home Support Services)fraud? Then he proposes to eliminate–or at best gut–the program in his next budget proposal. So….spend $26 million to investigate fraud in a program you’re trying to eliminate anyway?

    These are just two examples of the game this Governor has been playing all along. It’s one with no intent of really saving the state any money, but of destroying all programs for the common good and privatizing them for his friends.

  5. if you’re still not clued into the GOP’s decade-long shock doctrine strategy for CA. if you can’t win enough elections to cut the government, you can create the crisis conditions where democrats will help you do it.

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