March 15 Open Thread


*  Judge rules that Pleasanton needs to build more housing within current city limits instead of adding jobs and forcing other cities to house them. Such policies contribute to urban sprawl, and while it shouldn’t take a judge to end them, this is a good ruling.

*  Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes tax relief for homeowners in order to protect corporate tax cheats. In case anyone wasn’t clear on his priorities.

*  Even Tom McClintock is right every once in a while.

*  The city of Pacific Grove seeks to eliminate restrictive covenants that formalized racial segregation in housing there, as in many other California cities, for decades. These covenants were outlawed by the Supreme Court in 1948 but have lingered in property deeds since then. Of course, one shouldn’t assume this means PG is integrated – like many such cities, residential segregation has persisted, based this time on income and not deeds.

3 thoughts on “March 15 Open Thread”

  1. “Pombo, Conservative for Congress.”  I was coming back from Yosemite and don’t know if that’s the only sign of his in the 19th Congressional District, a harbinger of things to come, or one of many.

  2.  Oh please, over 400,000 people are homeless in California at any given time. We also have the some of the highest rental rates in America. I can get a 1 bedroom apartment in Berlin, Germany cheaper than Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley.

    A min wage job in California you can’t survive on your own, you need to make about $30,000 adjusted for inflation to do that. Otherwise you have to make decisions like can I afford to have a car, which especially down here its required for social and economic reasons.

    When you brainiacs figure out how to house everybody and not attach the negative narrative of public housing to it, call me.

    Communities want to coddle rich or affluent people, they don’t want working class, working poor or poor people.

    There some fundamental problems in America, its time we start working on them.

    Inequality is at the TOP OF THE LIST


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