March 25 Open Thread


*  The CA State Association of Counties said NO to Prop 16, the PG&E Hidden Agendas Scheme. The law would require a 2/3 vote of the people to allow a community to start a community choice aggregation (CCA) programs.  They’re planning on spending $35 million to pass the measure.

*  Mike Murphy, who has been paid nearly half a million dollars by Meg Whitman since he joined the campaign in November, says $46 million isn’t really that much. Riiiight.

*  The Republicans are standing tall for Medicare Advantage, and they’re going to let everybody know that Barbara Boxer doesn’t. Thing is, Medicare Advantage is basically a program to shovel large amounts of cash into the pockets of insurance companies. It’s a private add-on program that survey after report after study has shown is a boondoggle and waste of money. And often, also something of a racket.

*  The Yes on 14 Campaign, the St. Abel Open primary measure, is in the red by about $90K.

3 thoughts on “March 25 Open Thread”

  1. Since Devin Nunes has decided he needs to be on the TeeVee, it raises the question — is anybody running against this idiot?

    I know the Fresno area is not really friendly territory for a Democrat, but then, once upon a time, neither was CA-11, and look what happened to Richard “The Dick” Pombo.

  2. I realise that I have invited my own bannination, however, this is too delicious to ignore:

    I have inveighed against the illiberal government schools; however, even the the least among its proponents has to recognise the “agenda” is the plural of “agendum”.

    Can you explain how federal health care reform is anything other than a handjob to the insurance industry?

    I pay about 35K to the State of California every year, so two bucks per legal resident is not a lot of dough to spend on a statewide campaign.

    I am Joe Stack.

    Go ahead and ban me again.  I’ve had both a civilian and pro in the past six hours am  and both sated and buzzed.

    My valedictory must note that “agendum, realise, recognise” and “handjob” face strict scrutiny from your spellcheck.

    I weep for the republic and the Mother tongue.

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