March 30 Open Thread


*  CSU Stanislaus continues to withhold information about Sarah Palin’s speaking fee for a fundraiser. They’re exploiting a loophole in state law, which Senator Leland Yee is seeking to close.

*  Meg Whitman wants her policy book to be available at the public library (which she presumably wants to close through further budget cuts). But librarians are balking, since it’s not their job to promote Whitman’s campaign. And they can’t be forced to do so, because of laws forbidding public workers to use public resources to campaign. Whitman has millions of dollars to spend – maybe she should just mail one to every house? I could use a new doorjam.

*  California’s housing market is on the rebound but I’m not confident it’s going to last long if the state continues to slash and burn jobs and public services.

*  RIP, Jaime Escalante.

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  1. that spares the Pacific Coast, from Washington to California, but is otherwise a broad expansion of drilling, baby, drilling.

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