April 1 Open Thread


*  Chuck DeVore really can’t take a joke.  Apparently, he didn’t like the idea that he was at the Voyeur Club at the heart of the recent RNC dustup.

*  The California Accountability Project has some information on Meg Whitman’s record with Latinos. And, as an added bonus, don’t forget that Pete Wilson, Prop 187 Champion, is her campaign chair.

*  Speaking of Whitman, she’s now spent over $40 Million, and CalBuzz has some suggestions for other uses for that kind of dough.

*  Oh, and Whitman appeared on Hannity, sans Poizner. She went all cliche, and alluded to the Tea Party/Glenn Beck slogan. Which is good, because apparently she’s all about repeal of the health care bill now.  Yay for her!

*  Sarah Palin is coming to CSU Stanislaus with her “populism for pay” schtick. The question is, how much is she being paid? And couldn’t that money have better gone to serving students instead of ideology.