April 6 Open Thread


*  Gavin Newsom picked up the endorsement of Sen. Dianne Feinstein today.  He’s also got the support of both state legislative leaders, in addition to Speaker Pelosi. Janice Hahn has asked for the CDP endorsement, going back on her previous commitment not to seek it.  So, there will be a vote at the convention. You think Garry South will be wrangling progressives for that?

*  Orange County is feeling the pain for their elected officials political stands not to seek earmarks.  And that goes for Tom McClintock, too. The people who suffer for your refusal to seek earmarks are your constituents. Yes, they aren’t the most efficient means of allocating federal funds, but until the system is replaced you either play the game or get the short straw.  It is particularly ironic for people like Ken Calvert, who has brought millions of dollars worth of earmarks to his district. Apparently, Calvert lets politics dictate rather than what’s best for his district. For some reason, Calvert wasn’t too indignant about W’s profligate spending. Funny, that.

*  Los Angeles has a new Catholic Bishop. Archbishop Jose Gomez was previously in Opus Dei, and has been known for his conservative views on social issues, even criticizing a Catholic college for hosting Hillary Clinton. In San Antonio he gained a reputation for alienating progressive Catholics, while standing firm on issues such as marriage equality and reproductive rights.

*  The GOP is in full attack mode on Boalt Hall Associate Dean Gordon Liu’s appointment to the 9th Circuit. Apparently they are outraged (!) that he didn’t recall every single brown bag lunch discussion he has ever attended. A bunch of Republican district attorneys also wrote a letter opposing the nomination because Liu takes a hard line on reversible error for death penalty cases. Heaven forbid we act carefully when we execute somebody. Incidentally, he’s been endorsed for the position by Clinton Inquisitor and Pepperdine Law School Dean Ken Starr, and was rated as “well qualified” by the ABA.

* J.P. “August” Longo, Regional Chair of the CDP for San Francisco and San Mateo counties, passed away last night. Rest in Peace.