Tactical Voting Question

I vote by mail, and am “decline to state,” so I recently received a request from the county elections office if I wanted to specify a political party ballot for the upcoming primary.  With no real race for the Democratic nomination for governor, and with an incumbent senator, I was considering asking for the Republican ballot to vote for the most beatable candidates.

I’ll admit I’ve not voted for a Republican at any level since I voted for Millicent Fenwick in 1980…  So it would be a strange feeling.

Have any of you voted tactically like this?  Are any of you considering it for this primary?

One thought on “Tactical Voting Question”

  1. if this is a year in which it makes sense to do that.  There are down-ballot races that are highly contested and some may think important.

    I’ve done much the same thing myself, though for slightly different reasons.

    I live in such a far right district, that for most of my time here winning the Republican nomination amounts to election in legislative races and I’ve crossed over a couple of times when one of the Republicans was less objectionable than the other.  For the last few years, they’ve been so uniformly bad that it has not been worth the trouble.  But helping to boost a true lunatic fringe, unelectable candidate at the state level might be reasonable.  And there is certainly no shortage of them available!  

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