In Case You Thought Meg Whitman Was An Atypical Republican

Hey, have you seen Meg Whitman’s ads, and thought to yourself, she wouldn’t really be all that bad. Well, it’s always good to judge a leader by the company she keeps. And how about this company:

Republican heavyweights such as former presidential candidates Sen. John McCain and Mitt Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are scheduled to hit the campaign trail this month for GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, according to the Whitman campaign.(SacBee)

Top that off with Condi Rice, and you have an All-Star George W Bush era cast. Is that really what Californians want or need right now? More enormous blunders and right-wing ideology?  I think Californians would be far more comfortable with the sort of guests Jerry Brown will invite.

One thought on “In Case You Thought Meg Whitman Was An Atypical Republican”

  1. The latest Poizner attack ad almost made me change my mind and hope eMeg was the GOP nominee because it makes her sound so… liberal. Of course it’s tosh.

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