Health and human services cuts will cost California dearly…but you’d never know it from the media

UC Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education recently analyzed the effect of proposed cuts in California’s largest health and human services programs. The results are staggering. Here are just some of them:

“Cutting in-home care services by $1 billion – reducing spending on the very old, the very young, the poor and the disabled is one of the perennial proposals to save state funds – would mean the loss of more than 215,000 full-time-equivalent jobs in the next year…For every dollar spent by the state government on in-home supportive services, we get $2.47 from the feds….Cutting in-home services by $1 billion (also) would result in an estimated loss of $359 million in state and local taxes, so the actual savings would be much less than projected….”

Other than an op-ed piece in the Chronicle on Sunday, unfortunately, no other media outlet has picked up on this important study.

Isn’t it interesting that when a couple of Stanford graduate students recently released a study calling for the imminent collapse of the public employees’ pension system, the media were all over it like fleas on a hound.  But this report, which could affect the lives of millions of our most vulnerable citizens, goes unreported.

Another example of the media’s “liberal bias,” I guess.