You Do My Bidding Or I Take Your Money

The Citizens Compensations Commission, a supposedly independent commission that sets legislative salaries, has decided that they will put a hold on a possible action of lowering legislative salaries until after the constitutional budget deadline:

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg accused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today of leveraging legislative pay to pressure lawmakers in budget talks to bridge a projected $18.6 billion deficit.

“I have no doubt that the administration’s imprint is all over that decision,” Steinberg said of a proposal being considered by the state’s independent salary-setting commission to cut legislative pay and benefits by up to 10 percent.

The commission, whose members are appointed by the governor, decided last week to postpone any decision on a legislative pay cut until June. (SacBee)

Of course, Arnold’s people try to play cute by citing the so-called independent nature of the commission. Which would be great, if it were true. Instead, it’s packed full of Arnold-ish centrists who want nothing more than to get along.

In the end, this is just pay to play politics at its worst. You best be good and do the centrists bidding, or you are going to lose some money.  How is this a good idea in any way?

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